Bronchitis in adults: symptoms in different forms


Most often bronchitis develops against a catarrhaldiseases such as influenza, ARVI, but can also occur under the influence of chemical, physical stimuli, for example, acetone, dust, petrol vapors, as well as when influencing atypical factors. In most cases, the nature of the disease is contagious (viral or bacterial). Infection leads to a diffuse inflammatory process in the bronchial mucosa, and this causes the appearance of a characteristic symptom - a painful cough.

bronchitis in adults with symptoms
Weakening of the immune system is the main condition,It is necessary to develop bronchitis in adults. Symptoms of the disease will not appear in a person whose immunity is resistant to various infectious agents. Reduction of protective forces can occur for many reasons. So, this is promoted by chronic diseases, alcohol abuse, smoking, work in harmful production, hypothermia, constant fatigue and much more. Adverse factors can also be attributed to age - the older the person, the more he is susceptible to any disease, including infectious.

Bronchitis in adults: symptoms and forms

The disease can occur acutely and chronically. In the first case, inflammation develops rapidly in the form of simple, obstructive, obliterating bronchitis, bronchiolitis. If the disease in acute form is not cured to the end and repeats in a year two or three times over two or more years, it becomes chronic. The disease that occurs in this form is accompanied by a constant moist cough.

signs of bronchitis in adults
Acute bronchitis in adults: symptoms

At the initial stage of the development of the disease appearnonspecific symptoms: malaise, headache, fatigue. After one or two days, the signs of bronchitis in adults become more pronounced: behind the sternum there is burning, pain, heaviness, cough begins, first nasal, dry, without spitting out. Coughing attacks lead to increased pain, perspiration is constantly felt in the throat. There may be a temperature increase, but not more than 38 degrees.

After a lapse of two or three days, sputum appears,and a person feels relieved, because a wet cough does not cause such painful sensations anymore. First, mucous sputum is excreted, clear, transparent. But soon it becomes already purulent-mucous, which indicates the attachment of bacterial microflora. Such pronounced symptoms usually last no more than two to three weeks. In the event of a disturbance in the respiratory function, which can occur with bronchial obstruction due to the clogging of their lumens or spasms, coughing can be complicated by shortness of breath.

The main sign of obstructive bronchitis isparoxysmal cough with difficult separation of phlegm. Cyanosis of the face and limbs may appear, which is especially noticeable during exhalation. If the inflammation passes to the bronchioles, bronchiolitis occurs. Symptoms of this condition are even greater temperature increase, faster breathing. In the absence of adequate treatment, there is a threat of the development of pneumonia.

Chronic bronchitis in adults: symptoms

Usually, the disease begins to develop inyouth, and a pronounced chronic character gets closer to forty or fifty years. During the remission period, the condition is satisfactory, but a wet cough with mucopurulent, easily separated sputum is present all the time. In times of exacerbation, the peak of which occurs in the winter, a person's state of health worsens, the temperature rises, sweating, shortness of breath.

antibiotics for bronchitis in adults

Bronchitis is a serious illness that can be complicatedsevere pathology of the pulmonary system. Self-medication usually involves the flow of inflammation into the chronic form. Man alone can not determine the nature of the disease, and therefore, and competent therapy can not be done without the help of a doctor. So, for example, antibiotics for bronchitis in adults are effective only if there is a bacterial infection. Nevertheless, many people immediately begin to take them when symptoms of the disease appear, without thinking that in the case of the development of bronchitis as a result of the effects of viruses, it is completely useless.