Sesame oil: benefit and harm of the product


Benefit and harm

Recently, oils have become very popular. Increasingly, their demand for cosmetology and medicine is growing. Sesame oil is one of the most popular. And as a means to lose weight, and as a dressing to any salad, sesame oil is used. The use and harm of this product, however, is the subject of many disputes. Some say that this is an extremely useful product, others are sure that this tool only does harm. Let's try to understand.

Scope of application

sesame oil is good and bad
First, for the most delicious and spicy dishesOriental cuisine often uses sesame oil. The benefits and harms of this product in the field of cooking are defined: gourmets consider refueling of it as a delicacy, doctors remind of its excessive fatness and sharpness, which is bad for those who suffer from gastritis.

However, even specialists in the field of healthagree that sesame oil will be more beneficial to your body. It will help you to normalize the metabolism, will favorably affect inflammation in the joints, as well as the circulatory system. Sesame oil is rich in vitamins A and E. For general strengthening of the body, it is recommended to drink a tablespoon of the product every day. Extract of sesame seeds is also added to various medications, and athletes use the remedy to increase muscle mass.

However, sesame oil is the strongestan allergen and can be dangerous for those who overdo it with its internal or external use. Also, sesame oil can have a positive effect on your skin. The benefits and harms of the product in the dermatological plan are not even discussed. Obviously, sesame oil will only improve the skin. With irritation and dermatitis mix the juice of aloe and grapes, add sesame oil and get an excellent anti-inflammatory agent.

Women especially need to love this product, because toasted sesame seeds well relieve pain in mastitis.

sesame oil for weight loss reviews
Sesame oil is a deposit of calcium, soin addition to strengthening the joints and bones, it will help to improve the teeth and gums. Just rinse your mouth every day with this product. Incredibly, the healing properties of sesame oil also include rejuvenation. If you mix sesame, ginger and powdered sugar and take it inside every day, then very soon you will feel younger.

Also good news for those who are struggling withsuperfluous kilograms, will be that also use sesame oil for weight loss. Reviews of this product (both dietary) vary, since sesame oil can contain up to 600 calories. But the fact is that only raw oil is low-calorie, it's something you need to eat. In addition, this product actively burns calories. You can also use the oil for massage problem areas. It will help get rid of stretch marks, which is also very important when losing weight.

Sesame oil, the price of which ranges from 80 to 300 rubles, is quite a versatile tool. The price depends on the brand, so cheaper does not mean worse.

sesame oil price
Use as you like

As you can see, disputes are superfluous in occasion of sucha miracle product like sesame oil. The benefits and harms of this remedy are known, but the positive effect is obvious. Use sesame oil in different ways: add it to food, rub it into the skin, mix with other oils or just drink a tablespoon a day.