The drug "Pulsatilla" with a delay of the monthly: is it worth it?


Women always take care of their health,especially about the reproductive system. When something goes wrong, they begin to worry. And so, when the men did not come, and the pregnancy did not come, women begin to look for an answer. The drug "Pulsatilla" with a delay of the monthly helps thousands of women who have encountered such a problem.

what to do if you delay the monthly
It is worthwhile to understand that the delay in the monthly, that is,violation of the menstrual cycle, can be caused by different reasons. And not all of them can be adjusted by means of "Pulsatilla". Also note that a delay of up to 6 days is normal. Begin to take any action, if the monthly does not come more than a week.

The reasons for the delay

So, here are a few reasons why monthlyno and test negative. The first reason is, of course, pregnancy. So it is initiated by nature that pregnancy and menstruation are mutually exclusive, but it happens that a pregnancy test shows a negative result when conception does happen. Therefore, completely exclude the possibility of pregnancy is not worth it. For an accurate result, consult a specialist.

there is no monthly test and the test is negative
If you are sure that the delay is caused by anothercause, it is quite possible that this hormonal failure. This phenomenon, in turn, can be caused by stress, excessive physical exertion or poor ecology. Fortunately, this is fixable.

The drug "Pulsatilla" with a delay of monthlyis appointed quite often. However, many women are afraid to take hormonal drugs (which is a remedy "Pulsatilla"), but in vain. The hormones of the last generations have practically no side effects, in particular, they do not affect the weight gain and the appearance of excess hair (the biggest female fears associated with the use of hormones), the drug does not interfere with the activity of the nervous system or other body functions.

It is also important to understand that pills "Pulsatilla"with the delay of menstruation are assigned only to adult women with an already established cycle. To teenagers, whose cycle is not yet normalized, it is better not to use this agent. Do not abuse this drug and adult women. If the monthly ones come only with the use of Pulsatilla tablets for several months in a row, then most likely the problem is not only hormonal failure. Remember that the delay in menstruation can be caused by infectious diseases. In any case, it is better to get advice from a gynecologist.

What else can you call monthly?

Pulsatilla with a delay of monthly
If you know for sure that you are not pregnant, thenpills "Pulsatilla" with a delay of the monthly is not the only drug that can help you. Sometimes doctors prescribe the drug "Dufaston" - a five-day course of two tablets per day. In this case, menstruation is expected for 2-3 days after the end of the admission. Stronger in its effect in amenorrhea is the drug "Postinor", but remember that the drug simultaneously performs an abortive function. If you do not want to resort to tablets, then there are folk methods. Be careful, such remedies are also abortive.

Now you know what to do with a delay in menstruation, but do not neglect a visit to the doctor!