What medicine for stomatitis is the most effective?


Stomatitis is a disease that affects the mucous membrane of the mouth.

The medicine for stomatitis in each caseappointed individually. It all depends on the age of the patient and the type of disease. The fact that stomatitis can be viral, aphthous, allergic, herpetic, candidal, ulcerative, angular, fungal, as well as gonorrhea, papillomavirus, HIV and enterovirus.

As for the symptoms of the disease, it isthe rule is similar in essence to many patients: in the oral cavity there are unpleasant painful sensations, the body temperature rises. Very often there is not only pain, but also spotting. It all depends on how much the inflamed tissue is affected.

As a rule, everyone who knows or haslike a disease, are interested in how to get rid of stomatitis quickly and effectively. First of all, it should be remembered that when you have the first symptoms of the disease, you must always contact the dentist. He will make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Often, in order to determine the cause of the disease, an additional examination is necessary.

With regard to local treatment, the medicine fromThe stomatitis can be such: either a cream and ointments having an anesthetic effect, or special tooth-pastes (as a rule, with the content of solcoseryl), whose action is directed to the removal of inflammation and pain.

Drugs that disinfectaction, are the means "Miramistin", "Tharyngosept", "Geksoral", "Vagotil" and others. To relieve inflammation, prescribe drugs that contain benzidamine.

Treatment of this disease is a procedure,requiring more caution. It is very important to establish the root cause, because for a complete cure it should be eliminated. After all, otherwise, the disease will return again with renewed vigor.

Very much helps the treatment of stomatitis folkmeans. For this, you can use infusions of herbs, for example, sage, St. John's wort, calendula, chamomile or oak bark. But do not rely on the case and independently treat the disease with the help of green, soda and other means that were not prescribed by the doctor. Such behavior can lead to the fact that the disease will acquire a chronic or acute form, which will greatly complicate its subsequent treatment.

Note that it is very important to determine correctlyform of stomatitis. For example, the ulcer is treated not only medically: the patient is prescribed a diet that must be strictly adhered to to achieve the maximum result.

The medicine for stomatitis is selected when the doctorwill establish the degree of neglect of the disease. For example, if only one wound is formed in the mouth, it may be sufficient to use only one antiseptic solution. Aphthous stomatitis in an adult is treated with rinses and rinses. If such treatment has not given the corresponding effect, an ointment is added. But with the allergic stomatitis the situation is somewhat different. First, it is necessary to eliminate the cause, causing allergies, and only then to treat the consequences. Otherwise, the treatment simply will not make sense. Among the drugs that are used in this case, you can call the means "Tavegil", "Ketotifen", "Tsetrin", "Inttal" and so on.

The medicine for stomatitis, which developed as a result of getting the virus into the body, is an antiviral ointment.

With regard to preventive procedures, theyconsist in observance of hygiene of an oral cavity, and also carrying out of professional cleaning of a teeth. It is very important to keep under control the level of immunity and regularly increase it. The protective properties of the body help us avoid many diseases.