Allergy: symptoms in adults


Today, so many people suffer from differenttypes of allergies, which no one already calls a disease. Interesting information may seem that about 85% of the world's population suffer from various allergic reactions, and this condition is called "the illness of the century". It is worth noting that this disease requires treatment. But how correctly to identify and not to confuse with something other symptoms of an allergy in adults?

allergy symptoms in adults

About the disease

It is not possible to completely cure allergies. Since this is a special sensitivity of the body to a particular substance or component, it is enough simply to exclude the allergen from the patient's environment in order to eliminate the symptoms. However, sometimes it is necessary to get rid of symptoms with the help of medicines. Depending on the type of allergy symptoms may vary slightly.


What kind of fellow travelers are allergic? Symptoms in adults can manifest as rhinitis. It will also be somewhat similar to the fact that a person has a cold: a runny nose, tears from the eyes, itching in the nose, nasal obstruction, sneezing. Most often such symptoms occur in seasonal allergies to flowering, pollen, poplar fluff. Most often, this reaction goes by itself, but the symptoms can weaken and even remove medical drugs.

allergy symptoms in adults


What else is allergic to? Symptoms in adults can be similar to asthma: the inability to inhale-exhale, chest tightness, shortness of breath, cough. This happens as a result of bronchial spasm, when air flow into the lungs is limited for some time. This is a more serious symptom of allergy than a simple rhinitis.


What else can be if a person is allergic? Symptoms in adults can manifest as allergic conjunctivitis: redness of the eyeballs, itching in the eyes, tearing. In more severe cases, edema of the eyelids is possible.

Skin Reactions

How else can an allergy occur? Symptoms in adults can be as follows: redness of the skin in the place where it came into contact with the allergen. Also, it can be accompanied by dry skin, its peeling. This symptom is called allergic dermatitis or allergic eczema. Just like a symptom of an allergy, urticaria may manifest itself: swelling of the skin in those places where it has come into contact with the allergen.

symptoms of food allergy in adults

Anaphylactic shock

The most dangerous symptom of an allergic reactionis an anaphylactic shock, since it is he who poses a threat to human life. With this shock, not one, but several systems of the body suffer. Danger can cause laryngeal edema, when there will be no air, a sharp decrease in pressure. It is worth noting that with anaphylactic shock, blood supply to all organs is impaired, so almost the entire body suffers.

Food allergy

Today, a huge number of people are exposednamely food allergies, when a dangerous allergen is in food that people consume. So, there are symptoms of food allergy in adults, but it is worth noting that they are quite wide. It can be ordinary diarrhea and abdominal pain, and can be swelling of the tongue, lips, itching in the mouth, shortness of breath. And in the most severe cases, even anaphylactic shock can occur.