The drug "Nimulide": instructions for use


The drug "Nimulide" refers to non-steroidalmeans, while it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect and is recommended for a number of diseases, among them rheumatic pains and joint diseases. The drug is produced in the form of suspension, gel and tablets.

The main active substance here is nimesulide. It selectively inhibits an enzyme such as cycloxygenase-2, inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins in the inflammatory focus. The drug "Nimulid" instruction recommends taking with osteochondrosis, which has radicular syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew's disease, neuralgia. The drug is effective in stopping the pain syndrome, which subsequently appeared in trauma or algodismenorea. A gel medication is used for topical treatment.

There are the following contraindications to the drug"Nimulid". Suspension or tablets are not accepted if there is a history of haemorrhage from the digestive tract. Do not prescribe the drug in the presence of peptic ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract, lactation. If a "Nimulide" suspension is used for treatment, the instructions for use resolve this remedy from 2 years. However, it is necessary to know that in some countries such drugs are not recommended for the treatment of children under 12 years of age.

Caution is prescribed medication for people with diabetes, if there is heart failure or hypertension.

Children are prescribed the medicine if they have the followingdiseases: diseases of the nose and ear, synovitis or bursitis, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Compared with other drugs that have antipyretic properties, this drug lasts up to twelve hours, which is a good indicator. The effectiveness of the drug is also high in the therapy of joint pain.

In most cases, the drug is transferredgood, but with oral administration may manifest such side effects as allergic reactions, from the nervous system: dizziness, insomnia, nightmares. In rare cases, such diseases as anemia, pancytopenia, thrombocytopenia develop. Side effects of the medication include bronchospasm, increased pressure, gastritis, stomatitis, etc. If the product is applied to the skin, then itch, scaling, dryness may appear in this place.

The drug "Nimulide" instruction for use is notrecommends in the last months of pregnancy. At the beginning of the waiting period for the child, the medicine is used only according to the doctor's prescription and in the presence of strict indications. If there was a need to prescribe funds for lactation, you should think about stopping feeding.

When the "Nimulide" gel is used for treatment,the instruction notes the possibility of simultaneous use of other drugs. Tablets and suspension are not prescribed together with ethanol. If at the same time there is therapy with anticoagulants, then the effect of the latter is intensified. The drug "Methotrexate" increases the risk of side effects of the nonsteroidal drug.

Medication should be drunk after agreement witha doctor who will set and individual dosage. Tablets and suspension "Nimulide" instruction recommends taking after eating. The maximum daily dosage for adults should not exceed 400 mg. The gel is applied to the necessary parts of the body with a thin layer, if possible, not rubbed. It is not recommended to apply it more than four times a day. After using the drug in this form, your hands should be thoroughly washed. Do not let it get into the eyes or mouth.

In case of an overdose (tablets or suspension), side effects are more pronounced. Treatment is symptomatic.