What are the medicinal properties of aspen bark?


Over the years, more and more people stop trustingtraditional medicine and return to the recipes of our grandmothers, because it was not for nothing that they were handed down from generation to generation. It is also surprising that practically all plants have important therapeutic properties, it is only necessary to apply them correctly and to know the dosage. Moreover, almost all parts of plants possess positive properties: the root, and flowers, and even the bark of trees. At the last moment, we should dwell in more detail. So, let's consider what are the medicinal properties of aspen bark.

medicinal properties of aspen bark

A bit of history

In fact, because of the biblical tales giventhe tree has acquired a very bad name. However, on the other hand, for a long time it was known to our ancestors that it is endowed with a great vitality, in particular, this refers to the cortex and kidneys.

The healing properties of aspen bark

  1. First of all, it should be noted that the treebelongs to the family of willow. Previously, it was from the bark of the willow that acetylsalicylic acid was isolated, which has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Indeed, drugs with this substance can now be found in almost every home medicine cabinet. The healing properties of aspen bark are almost the same. Thus, the substance of salicin is also present in its composition. Therefore, it can be said that the decoction from the bark of aspen will have antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. properties of aspen bark
    On the other hand, the healing properties of aspen barkare widely known because of the content of the populist, which has an antiparasitic and hepatoprotective effect. So, for various kinds of diseases of the liver and bile ducts, the above populist is used, which is able to normalize the work of these organs and has choleretic properties.
  3. Another very important sphere of application of the substancepopulina - treatment of tuberculosis. The thing is that the so-called Koch's wand (causative agent of the disease) is very sensitive to it, therefore, the plant in the form of a decoction is used in treatment as an additional remedy.
  4. The therapeutic properties of aspen cortex found their application in the treatment of prostatitis, some common skin diseases (for example, dermatitis, eczema).

Preparation of material

bark of aspen medicinal properties of contraindication
Of course, you can already purchase the finished productin any pharmacy, but it is easy to prepare and independently. Collect the material in late spring. It is necessary to make two circular incisions on the trunk (a distance of approximately 10 centimeters) and then remove the bark. Some prefer to cook the broth immediately after harvest, while others prefer to store for future use (dried in an oven). In fact, this kind of procedure is almost beyond the power of a simple inhabitant, so it is recommended to buy a ready-made therapeutic agent. Remember that the bark of aspen, medicinal properties, contraindications to the use of which are not known to everyone - is really an excellent tool for fighting many diseases. However, it is still necessary to consult the specialist beforehand.