The drug "Rumalon": analogue of a medicine, indications, instructions


What is the drug "Rumalon"? The analogue of this drug, its properties, the principle of action and description - all this is the subject of our today's conversation.

injections rumalon

Composition of the product and its form of output

The drug "Rumalon" (an analogue of this medicineis presented a little further) - this drugstore intended for treatment of various diseases of joints. On sale this medicine comes in the form of a solution for injections. It includes such active ingredients as calf cartilage of calves and bone marrow (purified extract).

Principle of action of a medicinal product

The drug Rumalon is a chondroprotector. This drug slows the development of osteoarthritis, which is accompanied by thinning of cartilaginous tissues and changes in the shape of the surface of the joint itself. The pharmacological effect of this agent is due to the fact that the active components that enter it improve cartilage nutrition, and also stimulate the production of glycosaminoglycans (ie, substances that make up the connective tissues), articular lubrication, collagen and markedly reduces the activity of enzymes that cause thinning of the cartilage.

Indication for the use of the drug "Rumalon"

An analogue of this drug and the drug itself is prescribedwith the necrosis of patellar cartilage (i.e., chondromalation), osteoarthritis, cartilaginous lining in the knee joint, which are accompanied by a disruption in his work and pain sensations (meniscopathy), as well as diseases of the spine (eg spondylosis and spondylarthrosis).

Rumalon instruction analogs

There are positive reviews and that this medication is good for arthrosis of the hip, knee and finger joints.

The drug "Rumalon": instruction

Analogues of such a tool, as well asThe presented drug can be administered only intramuscularly. At the very beginning of the therapy, a test for the tolerability of the drug substance must be made without fail. Thus, 0.25 ml of the drug is administered to the patient, and after another two days, another 0.5 ml. If the results of the tests show the normal tolerability of the drug, then immediately begin treatment.

Injections "Rumalon" do twice or thrice a week for 1-2 ml. In total, for full-time therapy, 25 injections of 1 ml or 15 ml of 2 ml are prescribed.

It should be specially noted that the treatment of the abovediseases lasts for many years. Every year it is recommended to conduct courses (at least 2 times in 12 months). If the disease is serious or occurs with complications, it will take 3-4 courses per year.

Contraindications to use and analogues of the preparation

Than it is possible to replace a medicinal productRumalon? The analogue of this drug is called "Biartrin". In addition, a glycosaminoglycan-peptide complex can also be used. These funds have similar principles of action and evidence.

Rumalon analogue

As for contraindications to use, thenthe drug "Rumalon", as well as all its analogues is strictly prohibited for use in the therapy of rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, they are not prescribed for hypersensitivity to active substances. Do not use this medication to treat young children, during pregnancy, or during breast-feeding.

Possible side effects

According to patients' reviews, the drugthe drug "Rumalon" almost never causes serious side effects. But at the very beginning of therapy a person may have an exacerbation of the disease. Although experts note that this is a transient symptom that does not require the withdrawal of treatment. In addition, due to the intolerance of the active component, several cases of an allergic reaction were recorded.