Vascular network on the legs: how to get rid of, the causes and characteristics of treatment


Why there is a vascular network on the legs? How to get rid of this problem? The causes and methods of treating such a disease will be discussed below.

vascular network on legs how to get rid of

Basic information

Absolutely all the representatives of the weaker sexlike to wear a "mini", but after reaching the age of 27-30, not all women can afford such a bold outfit. The reason for this is the vascular network on the legs. Treatment of this disease requires an integrated approach. And it is desirable to conduct therapy at the very beginning of the disease.

Today, the disease under consideration has significantly grown younger. After all, before this problem faced only mature women.

So how to get rid of the vascular network on your legs, and why does it appear? Understand these issues alone is not possible, so it is better to contact a specialist.

Development process

How does a vascular network develop on the legs (treatmentThis disease should be conducted only phlebologist)? The medical name of this disease is varicose veins. This is a vascular disease, in which normal blood flow is disturbed in the veins.

As is known, the vein has valves. With a contraction of the heart, they are opened in order to pass the blood, and then slam shut, preventing it from passing in the opposite direction.

In the development of varicose veinsa person undergo many dystrophic changes. They expand, and the valves stop doing their job. This stagnation of blood in the vessels, which further exacerbates the course of the disease. If such a process occurs in the superficial veins or capillaries, then a peculiar vascular pattern or so-called venous network appears on the skin. If there is a disruption of the valves of the larger veins, the lower extremities cover the thick ugly nodes and cyanotic venous bands.

how to get rid of a vascular network on your legs

Causes of appearance

Why there is a vascular network on the legs? The reasons (how to get rid of this ailment, we will tell below) of this disease can hide in various factors. At the same time, it should be specially noted that the representatives of the weaker sex suffer from this problem three times more often than men.

According to specialists, the development of varicose veins on the lower limbs is due to two factors:

  • congenital (that is, because of heredity);
  • acquired.

We list the main reasons for the acquired factor that contribute to the development of the vascular network:

  • endocrine diseases;
  • hormonal failure in the body (including increased production of estrogens in women);
  • excess weight (extra pounds significantly increase the burden on veins and blood vessels);
  • sedentary lifestyle, as well as long-term (static) loads on the lower extremities without rest, which contribute to the development of stagnant phenomena in the veins and circulatory disorders;
  • time of gestation;
  • bad habits, including malnutrition;
  • abuse of wearing high-heeled shoes.
    vascular network on legs treatment

On how to get rid of the vascular network onlegs, only an experienced doctor can tell you. But before this, it is necessary to undergo a complete diagnostic examination. Not to notice such a problem is quite difficult. After all, the appearance of a venous network on the legs is necessarily accompanied by a sensation of pain and heaviness in the lower limbs.

Main symptoms

How to recognize the development of such a disease asvascular network on legs? How to get rid of it is a secondary question that interests those who have already noticed an unpleasant figure on their skin. To the process of treatment of this disease was not prolonged, to identify its development is desirable in the early stages.

Many patients confuse primary signsthe disease in question with normal leg fatigue. However, it is this symptom that indicates the violation of blood flow in the veins and vessels. In the future, to the banal fatigue can join the feeling of heaviness, pain, as well as uncomfortable sensations in the lower limbs.

Very often this disease is accompanied byburgeoning feeling in the legs and swelling of the calves. Later, bruises and bruises can appear on the patient's skin. Also, the legs are covered with a grid, consisting of bursting capillaries, like a spider web.

treatment of the venous network on the legs

Vascular net on legs: how to get rid of?

Modern pharmaceutical companies producea whole arsenal of tablets, ointments, potions and gels, intended for the treatment of varicose veins. But before choosing the most optimal method of therapy, you should always consult a phlebologist. In this case, the specialist must conduct a thorough examination and advise the method of treatment, based on the patient's personal characteristics.

Is it possible at home to cure such adisease, like a vascular network on your legs? How to get rid of this ailment on your own? To treat this illness at home is acceptable only on the advice of an experienced doctor. It should be remembered that folk methods can not only worsen the work of the circulatory system of man, but also lead to the development of trophic ulcers.


How should the venous network be treated?legs? How to get rid of this scourge? The most benign methods include the use of various medications, including oral medications, as well as local gels and ointments. By the way, to remove such methods already an enlarged thick vein is impossible.

For the normal operation of the valves, sealingvessels, increasing the tone of their walls and strengthening many patients use the facilities related to the group of phlebotonics. Among them, the capsules "Troxevasin", as well as the gel and tablets "Venarus" and "Detralex" are very popular. Such medications are taken for a long time, in courses of 3 months with interruptions for 2 months.

Vascular Mesh on Legs How to Get Rid of

If all the doctor's recommendations are followed, the damaged vein can significantly decrease in size, and the venous network can completely disappear.

The most radical methods of treating such a disease include the methods of chemical and physical impact on the vein wall.

Other methods of treatment

How to get rid of the venous mesh on your legs? To date, the most modern and often used method of treating varicose veins is sclerotherapy. The essence of this method consists in introducing into the altered vein a special agent - sclerosant, gluing the walls of the vessels, which subsequently dissolve.

It should be specially noted that after restorationpatient at the injection site does not remain a trace. Indications for this procedure are virtually all types of varicose veins. Contraindications include lactation, poor physical condition of the patient, gestation period and deep vein thrombosis.

It is impossible not to say thatan effective method that allows you to remove varicose veins, is laser correction. The work of the laser beam is based on the thermal effect. A special device creates radiation, heats and glues the vessel, as a result of which the blood no longer enters it, and the mesh completely disappears from the surface of the skin.

how to get rid of a venous mesh on your legs

Compliance with diet

How to remove the vascular network on legs withdiet? Proper nutrition is the right way to successful treatment of varicose veins. According to experts, the diet can quite well adjust the elasticity of blood vessels and veins, which will prevent their further destruction.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the physical weight. Obesity or simply excessive pounds increase the burden on the veins and worsen blood flow through them.

Diet for the disease should beis designed so that the patient's diet includes a large number of products that affect the state of blood vessels and blood. First of all, they include protein ingredients, including shrimp, fish, squid and others. Seafood is good because they not only help to strengthen the vascular walls, but also do not allow them to stretch.

It is also useful to include in your diet sea cabbage, containing copper and bioflavonoids, which contribute to the healing and recovery of blood vessels.


At the first signs of varicose veins should be discardedfrom wearing high-heeled shoes. It is also not recommended to sit for a long time, putting your foot on your leg, and staying in a standing position. Such a posture of the human body squeezes the blood vessels, as a result of which the movement of blood along them slows down considerably.

how to remove a vascular network on your legs

To prevent the venous mesh from bringing aesthetic discomfort, you should move more, eat well and have a rest.