What are the useful properties of clover, and how is it used?


Clover flowers are a real pantryvarious vitamins, carotene and ascorbic acid. In addition, the plant contains essential oil, coumarins, triazoline, isoflavonoids and many other substances that are no less useful to humans. In the green leaves there is salicylic acid, famous for its anti-inflammatory effect, and phytosterols, which significantly lower the cholesterol level. In general, the useful properties of clover are in its antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, expectorant and hemostatic abilities.

Use of a clover clover

Useful clover properties
The stems of the plant are used in folk medicinefor the treatment of scurvy, malaria, rickets and atherosclerosis. Cooked from them broths help quickly and effectively eliminate dizziness, relieve headaches, increase appetite and provide antiseptic effects. Tinctures from clover have found their application in the treatment of metrorrhagia, anemia, asthma, asthenia, dyspnea and even cancer. The juice, which is obtained from the stems of the plant, is good for bronchitis, acute cold, protracted cough, gout and poisoning.

Outer flower decoctions are used for diathesis,abscesses, burns, malignant formations, as well as for rapid healing of wounds, effective softening of the skin and for relieving rheumatic pain. Freshly squeezed juice plants treat diseases of the eyes and ears, and also lubricate the place of hernia formation. It should be noted that useful properties of clover also apply to such diseases as scrofula, anemia, colitis, gastritis, urolithiasis and cholecystitis.

The use of red clover

Clover meadow good properties
Traditional medicine uses red clover ina form of tincture for the treatment of renal and cardiac diseases. With it, the swelling is rapidly reduced, and the symptoms of rheumatism and cystitis are eliminated. Useful properties of red clover make it possible to prepare from it delicious medicinal tea, which helps to get rid of a strong cough with common cold, bronchitis, whooping cough and asthma.

Clover meadow, whose useful propertiesalmost do not know the boundaries, has established itself as an excellent cleanser. It is used in the fight against pathogenic viruses and bacteria, as well as for removing toxins from the body. Red clover is a natural natural medicine that successfully cleanses the lymphatic system, removes cellulite and prevents a variety of immunodeficiency diseases. For these purposes, it is recommended to drink three cups of healing tea daily for 6 weeks.

Useful properties of red clover
Useful properties of clover give excellent effectwith such skin diseases as psoriasis, seborrhea and allergic rashes. Extract from the stems and leaves of the plant contributes to the healing of trophic ulcers and various damages to the skin. In addition, red clover is used in cosmetology as a remedy to eliminate freckles. Quite often useful properties of clover help to cure such gynecological diseases as inflammation of appendages, uterine bleeding and painful menstruation. It should be noted that clover is part of some medicines, whose effect is aimed at reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood, normalizing lipid metabolism and preventing atherosclerosis.