Bartholinitis: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment


In the fatty tissue of the labia is locatedPaired iron, whose task is to maintain the optimal moisture of the vagina. It's called Bartholin. The secret produced by the Bartholin gland facilitates slipping during intercourse, helps stretch muscles during childbirth. The organ has a small duct, which ends on the surface of small lips (genital). Sometimes through this hole into the gland enter the pathogens of infection: gonococci, Trichomonas, chlamydia.

bartholinitis symptoms
As a result, there comes an inflammation of Bartholinglands (photo). Sometimes the infection can penetrate not by sex, but by another route, for example, from a sick tooth, a sore throat, affected by an intestinal disease. In this case, the cause of inflammation can be streptococci, staphylococci, bacteria. They cause nonspecific bartholinitis.

Symptoms of acute form

When the pathogens fall into the Bartholinic ductgland, inflammation begins and often a suppuration, which can be acute or chronic. With an acute, an abscess always arises: true or false. If a false abscess is formed (it is also called blockage of the excretory duct or canal), the following manifestations will occur:

bartholinitis diagnostics

  • the skin over the gland swells, becomes bright red;
  • there is a burning sensation, pain, which is amplified by movement or sitting;
  • with pus pressure on the affected area is allocated pus;
  • If bartholinitis is not treated at this stage, the symptoms intensify: the pus ceases to secrete and accumulates in the duct;
  • accumulated pus forms a large painful bump in the region of the labia;
  • the temperature rises;
  • the chronic phase of the disease occurs.

If the pathogens do not enter the duct, but into the gland itself, a true abscess occurs. Bartholinitis, whose symptoms are more vivid in this case, is much more severe.

  • The parenchyma melts.
  • Greatly swollen and large and small lips. In the large area, there is a sharp, violent, throbbing pain.
  • Sharply the temperature rises to 39 ° and above.
  • Enlarged inguinal lymph nodes.

Sometimes abscesses spontaneously open, butAn autopsy does not mean that bartolinite is over. Symptoms become less painful, but do not disappear at all. Often at this stage the disease passes into a chronic stage.

Chronic bartholinitis. Symptoms

inflammation of the Bartholin gland

They are the same as in acute form, but, perhaps,less pronounced. In the chronic phase, the illness then becomes aggravated, then it calms down on its own. If it is not treated, purulent formations can trigger the development of a cyst or cause a general infection of the blood. And this is the greatest danger that the disease brings. Diagnosis should be carried out at its first signs. Examination and treatment is prescribed by a gynecologist.

Bartholinitis. Diagnosis and treatment

  • Bacteriological examination of vaginal secretions and pus from the lips.
  • PCR-diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Smear.

Usually, doctors prescribe treatment with antibiotics, Miramistin, which relieves inflammation of ointments. However, in advanced cases, surgical intervention is necessary.