"Rinoprint": instructions for use. Drug photo and reviews


Runny nose accompanies almost every cold. Also this symptom can appear with allergies. The course of the nose greatly impairs the quality of life. The pathology is aggravated by the appearance of puffiness and stuffiness. One of the effective drugs for the treatment of the common cold was "Rinoprint". Instructions for use, photos of the drug and reviews about it will be presented to your attention in today's article.

rhinoprint instructions for use

Composition, price and characteristics of the medicine

What informs the consumer about the drug"Rinoprint" instructions for use? At the very beginning of the annotation it is indicated that the drug is available in various forms: suspension and tablets. The composition of the tablets includes the following components: carbinoxamine and phenylephrine. The syrup contains norephedrine and carbinoxamine.

You can buy the medicine in a prescription pharmacythe doctors. The cost of the medicine is in the range of 300 rubles. Suspension and tablets have antihistamine, vasoconstrictive effect. About the medicine "Rinoprint" instructions for use informs that the drug has an anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive effect. It reduces the permeability of capillaries, eliminates burning in the nose and reduces the amount of mucus to be separated, thereby improving the well-being of the consumer.

Rinopronte instruction on the use of analogues

Indications and contraindications to the use of medicinal composition

When is Rinoprint appointed? Instruction for use says that the medicine is used for a cold of a different nature. Symptoms that indicate the need for the drug are as follows:

  • heaviness in the head and pain;
  • feeling of weakness due to colds;
  • burning in the nose and stuffiness;
  • copious flow from the nose;
  • sneezing and lacrimation.

Use of the drug is advisable for infectious and inflammatory rhinitis, sinusitis. During the treatment of sinusitis, additional funds are used.

Contraindications to the use of the drug"Rinoprint" instructions for use calls the following situations: hypersensitivity, pregnancy, lactation, diseases of the thyroid and prostate. At elevated pressure, the use of medication is not recommended, but the doctor decides whether to take therapy.

rhinoprint instructions for use review

Rinoprint: instructions for use

Photo of the medicine is presented to your attention inarticle. As you can see, the capsule has a shell protecting the granules. In this form, the drug should be taken always. Preliminary opening of the shell is not welcome. The dosage of the medication is selected in accordance with the patient's age.

  • Adults are prescribed 1 capsule 2 times. You can replace this dose with three measuring spoons of the suspension.
  • Children from one to five years are prescribed one measuring spoon. For adolescents under 12 years - two spoons.

The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor. Do not give any advice on this subject to the drug "Rinoprint" instructions for use.

Customer Reviews

About the medicine "Rinoprint" opinions are formed inMost positive. Consumers report that the drug has a fairly long action. After taking the capsule, the medicine works for 10-12 hours. This allows you to return to the familiar life and forget about the common cold.

Patients say that the medicine relieves burning anditching in the nose, reducing the number of snot. Normal breathing is restored and is blocked. The plus of the medication is that it eliminates the additional symptoms of a cold. The heaviness in the head disappears, it is accompanied by lacrimation. This action has not every drug to treat the common cold.

There are also negative reviews about the drug "Rinoprint"but they are few. Some people say that the medicine did not help them. On the contrary, it caused a deterioration in well-being: inhibition, dry mouth, changes in appetite, indigestion. All these signs can be attributed to adverse reactions. If any such advices, replace the "Rinoprint" remedy with the instructions for use. Analogues of the drug are presented in large volumes, but among them there is no medicine with identical composition. Therefore, to treat a cold, the doctor can prescribe the following medicines: Sinupret, Corizalia, Zinnabsin, Koldakt, and so on. You can buy some of them without a prescription.

Rinoprint Instructions for use


For the treatment of the common cold, nasalpreparations (drops and sprays). But for the most part they give only a temporary effect, without eliminating the inflammatory process. Therefore, doctors appoint a complex remedy: "Rinoprint". The drug acts on the inflammatory process and facilitates the symptoms of the disease. Reviews about it are mostly positive. But do not forget that the remedy is prescription. Therefore, it is not suitable for self-treatment. Strong to you health!