Dicycinum with monthly


All girls and women of childbearing agemonthly face such a phenomenon as menstruation, which can get a lot of inconveniences and even problems. Although this is, above all, an indication that a lady can have her own child. Generally menstruation for each girl proceeds in different ways. Some do not experience any unpleasant sensations and discomfort in this period, others during the entire period of men suffer from severe pain. Well, this is the fate of the fair sex. If a few centuries ago with such troubles ladies cope on their own, suffered pain for five to seven days, in our time, scientists have already learned to create drugs that make it easy to take into account the beautiful half of humanity. For example, if a woman has menstruation with abundant and prolonged secretions, she can start taking Dietion. With a month, this drug is able to cope with menorrhagia.

Before you begin to describe this drugit is worth noting that menorrhagia is a special condition of a woman, in which she has very painful and profuse, prolonged menstruation. In addition, in this situation, it can lose more than one hundred milliliters of blood, which in itself equates to the concept of excessive bleeding. Of course, this affects its overall state. A representative of the beautiful half feels constant fatigue and impotence, she can more often get colds (due to lower immunity). In any case, according to experts, this condition is not normal. Most often, its causes are hormonal imbalances, inflammations of the ovaries, uterine fibroids and many other diseases. Ditsinon with menstruation should be taken to those women who are diagnosed with uterine fibroids.

In general, Dicinone (injections or pills) is consideredhaemostatic means. He is appointed by specialists to stop or prevent various types of bleeding. Dicinone is recommended for monthly use about two to three times a day. However, it is worth noting that they begin this course even five days before the expected onset of the menstrual cycle. In addition, in the first five days of a month's period, a woman should also take four Dicinone tablets per day. This medication has contraindications. Do not take it to those of the weaker sex who have thrombosis, porphyria, thromboembolism.

Dicycinum with monthly can not be used withoutpreliminary consultation of the gynecologist. Remember that any drug can have a number of side effects. Not every woman he will come up with. Before you go to the pharmacy, talk to your doctor. Indeed, there are a lot of reasons for uterine bleeding. It is possible that in your case it is not about menstrual discharge, and then you need a serious examination and treatment. Only a specialist will be able to establish the true cause of copious and prolonged discharge, and then to prescribe the necessary drugs or to provide assistance of a different nature.

Dicycin and alcohol are simply incompatible. Above it was said about contraindications, for example, about thrombosis. So, alcohol causes glueing of red blood cells in the blood, which in itself is very similar to this disease. Therefore, abstain from drinking alcohol before and during menstruation.

Dicycinum with monthly can improve and evenaccelerate the process, which is called blood clotting. It should be noted that for better effect, experts recommend using this drug in the form of injections. Dicycinum with menstruation in this form should be used only according to your doctor's prescription.