"Utrozhestan": description, instructions for use and feedback. "Utrozhestan" in pregnancy


Many women dream of having children, but not allit turns out. Often, pregnancy does not occur or it happens, but miscarriage occurs because of insufficient amount of progesterone in the body. Produced by the ovaries in sufficient quantity, it helps to preserve the embryo and promotes its normal development. With a lack of progesterone, doctors prescribe the taking of the drug "Utrozhestan", placing great hopes on it. In this case, the woman has no problems bearing and gives birth to a child. As evidenced by numerous reviews, "Utrozhestan" during pregnancy is very effective.

Appointment and form of issue

"Utrozhestan" is a medicinal product,consisting of a natural micronized progesterone hormone. Most often, doctors prescribe it during pregnancy, so that there is no miscarriage or premature birth. Also apply "Utrozhestan" in the planning of pregnancy, reviews about his admission in this period only positive. In addition, with the help of it treat diseases that occur against the backdrop of a shortage of progesterone. This is fibrocystic mastopathy, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cycle disorders. The drug is prescribed to women during menopause to eliminate the climate syndrome.

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"Utrozhestan" is produced in capsules that can beuse inside or topically, like vaginal suppositories (so capsules are sometimes called candles, in reality the form of the drug is only one). They contain 100 and 200 mg of active substance, which is micronized natural progesterone, well absorbed into the bloodstream. Excipients are peanut butter, gelatin, soy lecithin, titanium dioxide, glycerol. Candles "Utrozhestan" are very effective during pregnancy. The feedback from patients and doctors shows this.

Indications for use

Use of the drug leads to the following positive points:

  • the normal endometrium begins to form;
  • increases the concentration of insulin;
  • glycogen in the liver begins to accumulate intensely;
  • decreases excitability and contractility of the muscles of the uterus and fallopian tubes;
  • The mucous membrane of the uterus passes into the secretory phase.

"Utrozhestan" is used to treat diseases that have arisen against the background of insufficient amount of progesterone in the body.

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Oral reception is indicated in the following cases:

  • in the complex therapy of infertility caused by insufficiency of the luteal phase;
  • if the menstrual cycle is broken;
  • to alleviate symptoms during menopause;
  • removal of the tension syndrome before the onset of menstruation;
  • for the complex treatment of fibrocystic mastopathy.

Intravaginal reception recommended:

  • with a shortage of progesterone;
  • to maintain the luteal phase;
  • as prevention of the formation of uterine fibroids and endometriosis;
  • that there was no miscarriage;
  • with infertility associated with a lack of lutein;
  • as a result of premature menopause.

Mode of application

If taken orally, if a woman is planningpregnancy, "Utrozhestan" is taken 2 times a day. In some cases, the doctor may increase the dose to 400 mg per day. For the treatment of fibrocystic mastopathy, as well as premenstrual syndrome, the dosage is 400 mg per day, the duration of treatment is 10 days.

When intravaginal application, if a womancompletely absent progesterone, the drug is used for at least 3 months. Dosage is selected by the doctor in each individual case. If there is a threat of miscarriage, in the first and second trimester of pregnancy, "Utrozhestan" is used twice a day, injecting deep into the vagina.

special instructions

Do not use the drug as a remedycontraception, since it does not have a contraceptive effect. When applied in the first half of the menstrual cycle (before ovulation), a shortening of the cycle or bleeding may occur.

If there was a uterine bleeding, then "Utrozhestan" is not recommended to take until the cause of this pathology is clarified.

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If the following symptoms occur, the drug should be discontinued as soon as possible:

  • double vision in the eyes;
  • retinal vascular injury;
  • unbearable headache;
  • loss of vision;
  • thrombosis of veins and arteries;
  • migraine.

In this case, immediately consult a doctor.

"Utrozhestan" during pregnancy

Reviews of most women who accept thisthe drug during pregnancy, are positive, as it contributes to the successful bearing of the child. It is allowed to take in the first and second trimester, up to the 27th week. After this period, it should be used with caution and only if there is evidence for this.

The drug helps to prevent miscarriage andprevents premature birth, especially if the woman is diagnosed with complete ovarian dysfunction or a lack of progesterone. And the probability that pregnancy will come after "Utrozhestan" is great. Reviews eloquently testify to this.

Indications for taking the drug, if pregnancy is only planned

In what cases should take "Utrozhestan" withplanning a pregnancy? The doctors' testimonies indicate that the indication for taking the drug is progesterone insufficiency. It is characterized by low body temperature in the period following ovulation, and various disorders of the menstrual cycle. Such a violation in the body is often enough. That is why, in order not to miscarry, prescribe candles "Utrozhestan" during pregnancy. Comments from women indicate that they are effective enough.

Also an indication for receiving artificialprogesterone during pregnancy planning is the prevention of endometriosis. With this state of the body, the uterine mucosa grows very strongly or it begins to penetrate into the deep layers of the tissue. Most often, endometriosis is observed in women aged 30 to 45 years with a short menstrual cycle, with impaired metabolism, in which the estrogen level is significantly elevated, and constantly using intrauterine contraceptives.

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Because of this disease, the onset of pregnancyyou can wait a very long time, because with endometriosis, cysts begin to form on the wall of the uterus, in the ovaries, inside the fallopian tubes. All this leads to a decrease in the patency of the tubes, the work of the ovaries is disrupted, and implantation of the embryo into the wall of the uterus is significantly hampered. That is why doctors appoint "Utrozhestan" when planning pregnancy. Women's comments on this matter are also positive.

The drug normalizes the menstrual cycle, creates the necessary conditions for the fetal egg to be fixed in the uterus, and in case of threat of miscarriage it helps to maintain pregnancy.

Contraindications and side effects of the drug when planning

A woman who dreams of becoming pregnant shouldto know that at least this drug helps to fulfill the dream of having a child, but its use is possible only according to the doctor's prescription. "Utrozhestan" may have the following contraindications:

  • thrombophlebitis;
  • liver disease;
  • malignant tumors;
  • phlebeurysm.

Very rarely, side effects occur whenuse of medication "Utrozhestan" (candles). Reviews when planning a pregnancy about this drug indicate that there may be drowsiness and dizziness that are short-lived. But it's worth to be careful behind the wheel, because a small impact on the central nervous system adversely affects the reaction speed when driving.

Indications for taking the drug during pregnancy

As shown by numerous reviews,"Utrozestan" during pregnancy brings great benefits. In healthy women, the progesterone produced starts to build up the endometrium, the uterine mucosa thickens and is enriched with blood vessels, and the embryo, in abundance, receives oxygen and nutrients.

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Women with progesterone deficiency drugis prescribed for the prevention of miscarriage. In addition, it is prescribed if there is a threat of termination of pregnancy due to an increase in the tone of the uterus. The drug helps to reduce it, allowing the woman to normally bear the child.

Contraindications during pregnancy

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"Utrozhestan" can not be taken in the following cases:

  • bleeding from the vagina, of unknown origin;
  • porphyria;
  • intolerance or allergic reactions to drug components;
  • incomplete miscarriage;
  • tumors of genital organs or mammary glands, which are of a malignant nature;
  • thromboembolism;
  • tendency to develop blood clots;
  • severe liver disease.

These contraindications are considered absolute, that is, taking the drug in their presence is strictly prohibited.

How to take "Utrozhestan" during pregnancy?

The opinions of the doctors are reduced to the common opinion thatyou can not take the drug on your own. Dosage for a woman in an interesting situation is slightly different from that prescribed not to pregnant women. Usually the average dose is 200 mg per day. Doctors recommend using the drug only for insertion into the vagina, because in this way it is absorbed much faster. Enter it lying down, and for greater efficiency it is necessary to do this before bed.

Side effects occur much less frequently withvaginal application, that is, if you use as a candle "Utrozhestan 200" during pregnancy. Women's feedback is exactly what they say. In some cases, the doctor increases the dose to 400 mg per day, for example, if there is a threat of miscarriage. The duration of the application is determined directly by the attending physician.

But there are also negative reviews. "Sterilization" during pregnancy, some women suffer very poorly. Drowsiness, fatigue, the stomach starts to ache very much and even hallucinations appear. In this case, the drug is immediately stopped.

Before what period of pregnancy is the "Utrozhestan" method recommended?

The duration of the drug depends on thethe purpose for which it is used, and the course of pregnancy. If a woman wants to conceive a child and uses "Utrozhestan" vaginally, then it must be done until the 12th week of pregnancy so that there is no miscarriage. Then the examination is carried out, and if the organism is in order, the treating doctor cancels it. If the threat of miscarriage remains, the drug is used until the 16th-18th week.

If a woman's pregnancy has occurred without takingthis drug, and in the early stages it used it to prevent miscarriage, then it should take up to 7-8 weeks to reduce the threat to zero. If there is a threat at a later date, it is recommended to resume reception of "Utrozhestan" and continue until the dangerous state disappears. If the drug is used to prevent premature birth, it is consumed until the 37th week of pregnancy.

Cancellation of "Utrozhestan" in pregnancy

Abolish the drug gradually, reducing the dose ofdefined scheme. Many women at the same time note the appearance of discharge from the vagina reddish or brown. They can be meager or moderate. To be frightened it is not necessary, because it is considered a normal reaction of the organism to the abolition of the medicine "Utrozhestan 200" during pregnancy. Comments of women and doctors pay attention to the fact that they should stop after 5-10 days. But sometimes the allocation becomes more abundant. In this case, immediately consult a doctor.

"Dufaston" or "Utrozhestan"?

Many women can not decide for a long time which of theof these drugs is more effective. These two drugs contain progesterone, but in the first drug it is synthetic, and in the second - natural. This is what they are different about. So what is more preferable - "Utrozhestan" or "Dyufaston" - during pregnancy? The doctors' testimonies testify that Dufaston is effective in gynecology, when treatment of various diseases is required in women who are not in an interesting position. "Utrozhestan" is best suited for use in obstetrics, when pregnancy is planned and maintained. Therefore, if a woman wants to normally tolerate a child, then she should give preference to "Utrozhestan".

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But it should be remembered that every personthe body can react differently to these drugs. This is eloquently evidenced by the reviews. "Utrozhestan" during pregnancy, some women do not tolerate categorically, so prefer Dufaston, and vice versa. Whichever drug is prescribed by a doctor, they both proved effective in planning pregnancy and helped many women endure and give birth to a child.


If a woman can not get pregnant for a long timeor she always has miscarriages, the best solution is to take the drug "Utrozhestan." He helped many women get pregnant and normally endure a child. Although it is considered a safe drug, but it is highly undesirable to take it on its own, as it often leads to unfavorable consequences without examination. Only a doctor will help to make an effective scheme for taking the drug, and then a long-awaited pregnancy will come very soon.