Sores in the tongue


From such a rather unpleasant phenomenon asjazvochki in the language, no one is immune. What is the evidence of their appearance and how to deal with this phenomenon? Painful sores that arise in the tongue, medical workers are called stomatitis. Most often, the disease affects the language of the child, but recently there has been an increase in the incidence of this disease in adults. The causes of stomatitis, both in children and adults, are almost the same. Sores in the tongue can arise due to the influence of various infections, problems in the digestive and endocrine system, the lack of vitamins of group B. Often, a wound in the tongue can trigger the appearance of a sore.

When a sore in the tongue is necessary during the treatment of the disease to comply with simple rules:

1. Do not eat hot, bitter or sour food, as it causes painful sensations and irritation of inflamed tissues.

2. When appearing ulcers in the oral cavity, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist. It is he who will be able to make the correct diagnosis, because it is necessary to accurately identify the cause of this disease.

3. In the treatment of aphthous stomatitis, which causes the appearance of many painful ulcers in the oral cavity, it is necessary to periodically irrigate the oral cavity with such antiseptic solutions as hydrogen peroxide, rivanol, furacilin, pink solution of potassium permanganate. Adult patients need to do this irrigation every 4 hours.

4. To shorten the healing period, sores in the tongue are smeared with various antiviral ointments. Most often used in this case, such ointments as oxolinic, 50% interferon, tebrofenovaya, 0.5% florenal.

5. The result of treatment can improve the intake of immunostimulating drugs.

6. Along with medicamental treatment, it is possible to use and treat the available folk remedies. A good effect is a regular rinse with a decoction of oak bark, with sage and calendula infusions.

7. Another method of treatment, having excellent effectiveness is rinsing with a solution of chamomile infusion of chemist and boric acid. It is prepared from the infusion of chamomile (tablespoon of dried flowers in a glass of boiling water) and 4 g of boric acid dissolved in chamomile infusion.

8. When a sore tongue appears in the tongue, it is necessary to exclude from the diet crackers, chips, toast, crackers and other food, capable of inflicting mechanical damage to the inflamed tissues of the tongue.

9. Also avoid using chocolate and coffee during this period.

A sore tongue can also be a symptom moreserious diseases that occur in the human body. It can testify to leprosy, tuberculosis, syphilis, oncological diseases. If ulcers in the tongue appear in a person often, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination and take all the necessary tests. If you identify these diseases, you need to undergo a course of prescribed appropriate treatment, because only after the person is cured of the underlying disease, ulcers in the oral cavity will disappear.

A very common occurrencetraumatic ulcers, localized in places of violation of the integrity of the shell of the tongue. These ulcers are very painful. Often, such wounds appear with a bite of the tongue or damage caused by removable dentures. It is necessary to differentiate the traumatic ulcer from syphilitic or tuberculous ulcers, cancer, chronic necrotic stomatitis, trophic ulcers. As a rule, such ulcers, if these rules are observed and the stimulus is removed, are quickly healed. When traumatic ulcers are categorically contra-indicated their cauterization.