Veterinary preparation "Creolin": application in folk medicine


In veterinary practice for a long time the preparation "Creolin" is known. Its use in animal husbandry makes it possible to save goats and sheep from psoroptosis. It produces an acaricidal effect.

Creolin application
Bisphenolniy coal product wellsuitable for disinfection, is used as an antiseptic and antiparasitic agent. Perhaps, it is these characteristics that made him a popular means of traditional medicine. But it is worth remembering: only in veterinary medicine the positive qualities of the preparation "Creolin" have been known for a long time. Applying it to treat people can be life threatening.

Rumors about Creole and oncology

In the circles of people suffering from cancerdiseases, the myth hovers: a mixture of coal tar oil and emulsifier is an effective tool in the treatment of cancer. Prescriptions are even given. It is recommended to drink creolin with milk in the morning, always on an empty stomach. Begin with one drop, reach 20, adding a drop every day. Immediately after a drop in the day, reduce the dose. After the break, the course is repeated.

How much does the reception of Creolin help? The patients' responses are different. Most of them end with the phrase "one must hope that he will help." But the Bulgarian doctors, trying to find out whether a person can take coal oil, did not answer the question. They limited themselves to the report: only three of the 24 rats with malignant tumors were cured. In 18 cancer cells simply slowed growth. The experiment on people doctors and did not. Is it worth it to risk your health? The answer is obvious to everyone.

Creole instructions

Composition "Creolin". Application in folk medicine

Getting rid of cancer is not the only optionuse of veterinary drugs to treat people. It is not known who first came up with the following methods of treatment. There is no information on how many patients have acquired health. But the use of coal oil is still practiced. So here are a few recipes popular with the people.

It is believed that otitis, like some othersinflammation of the ear, can also be treated with the drug "Creolin". Its use should be very careful: the composition can cause a burn. The tampon is moistened with creolin with water (1x1) and placed into the ear for the night. A burning sensation is felt. Recovery is possible not earlier than a week.

 Creolin Reviews

For healing hemorrhoids, 5 drops of coal oil are mixed with a soft creamy (150 g). Candles are made, cooled, inserted at night. Treatment is also fraught with burns.

"Water hair." Treatment of this disease is the cruelest. Wizards recommend to burn the preparation "Creolin" skin on the finger (there is usually a "hair"). Then cut it, and then burn the affected flesh.

Classical medicine about the drug

Doctors representing traditional medicine,categorically object to the use of Creolein in the treatment of people. The instruction to it strictly and unambiguously warns: coal oil is used exclusively for the treatment of animals. But even sheep and goats can not always be bathed in solution: the health of weakened animals can deteriorate sharply. The drug is toxic.