Social pharmacies of Krasnodar: advantages, addresses


Krasnodar is the capital of the Kuban, a beautiful city withwidely developed branches of industry. Its population is more than 800 000 people. In the city there are more than 100 different plants. Naturally, emissions from a huge number of enterprises can not but affect the health of local residents. That is why the actual problem is the health of the population. Pharmacies went to such a marketing course, as discounts of about 15%. Institutions that provide their discounts are social pharmacies in Krasnodar.

social pharmacies of Krasnodar

What is a pharmacy with benefits?

In the city there are more than 500 pharmacies, most of them - social pharmacies in Krasnodar. They have a program on providing the population with pharmacological means.

2005 is the beginning of the development of social pharmaciesKrasnodar. It was then that there were benefits for drugs and medical equipment, the release of medicines on free prescriptions. And every year the network of social pharmacies in Krasnodar is expanding to attract new customers. And in order not to remain without buyers at all, prices for pharmaceutical drugs began to decline.

Social pharmacies in Krasnodar: addresses and phone numbers

Here is a list of the most common institutions with positive reviews and low prices:

  1. Social pharmacy at: street Zipovskaya, house 11. Working hours: without days off from 8 am to 21 pm. The big plus is that you can by free number (he is listed on the first photo) find out if there is a necessary pharmacological agent in the nearest pharmacy, and do not need to visit it. The next convenience for customers.
  2. Social pharmacy on the street Kolkhoznaya, 77.
  3. Krasnodar's social pharmacy along Jana Poluyan Street, 39.
  4. Pharmacy on the street Odessa, house 46.
  5. Pharmacy on the street Budyonny, 147.
  6. LLC "Social Pharmacy" along Kalinin Street, house 337.
  7. Benefits for medicines can be obtained at the pharmacy along Stavropolskaya Street, 222a.
  8. Street of Labor Glory, 11.
  9. Social pharmacy at: Luzana Fedor, house 7, building 1.
  10. There are social pharmacies on the street Nivkapelova, house 24.

social pharmacy in Krasnodar addresses and phone numbers

And this list can be continued indefinitely. Since it is increasingly possible to meet a sign that indicates that Krasnodar's social pharmacies provide benefits to some segments of the population.

Advantages of social pharmacies

  1. Prices. The network "Social Pharmacy" of Krasnodar is part of the holding company, due to which medicines are imported to the pharmacy at the wholesale prices of the manufacturing plants.
  2. Quality. Indeed, all products are certified, they undergo special studies in laboratories.
  3. Wide choose. This is more than 10 000 different names of pharmacological agents.
  4. All social pharmacies in Krasnodar are equipped in accordance with the rules and standards.
  5. Convenient location of all branches.
  6. Social pharmacies are indicated by the sign of the apple and by the symbol - the large letter F +. That's why just looking at the sign you can determine that the pharmacy is social.

pharmacy network


You can call the social pharmacy a newa marketing move to win and attract customers. But of course, there is not a single person in the world who will not be happy with discounts on all sorts of medications, the prices for which are really high.