Dull pain in the stomach: the main causes, diagnosis and treatment


If a person has dull pain in the stomach, then, first of all, he needs to revise the lifestyle and his own diet. In general, the feeling of discomfort is caused by:

  • wrong way of life;
  • poor-quality food;
  • bad habits;
  • frequent stress.

In addition, it can be a sign of various diseases, so if you have pain, you should immediately contact a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Characteristics of pain

Before you find out why there is pain in the stomach, you need to look more closely at the types of unpleasant sensations. They can be such as:

  • sharp aching pain;
  • chronic dull pain;
  • somatic pain;
  • psychogenic pain;
  • oncological pain;
  • internal discomfort;
  • soreness of the skin.

Aching pain in the stomach often occurswith the course of peptic ulcer. Similar symptoms occur suddenly and very dramatically. The feeling of discomfort increases with corners, physical exertion, coughing.

pain in the stomach is dull

Main reasons

A dull ache in the stomach hasshort character, mainly manifested for several hours. Periodically, discomfort can develop into short-term spasms. The main causes of dull pain in the stomach are:

  • impaired pancreatic function;
  • various diseases;
  • consumption of spicy food and coffee;
  • tobacco smoking;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • stress;
  • excessive physical exertion;
  • taking certain medications.

The peculiarity of the therapy depends largely on what exactly triggered the onset of soreness.

Diseases of the stomach and intestines

Aching stupid pain can be provoked by various diseases of the stomach itself, as well as pathological processes of other organs. A similar condition can cause diseases such as:

  • gastritis;
  • peptic ulcer;
  • polyps;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • viral and bacterial infections;
  • food poisoning;
  • allergy and intolerance to certain foods.

In addition, the occurrence of pain in the stomach can provoke cardiovascular diseases, inflammation of appendicitis, pancreatitis, and many other disorders.

The impact of external factors

Often there is a dull pain in the stomach afterfood, which can be associated with malnutrition, abuse of fatty and spicy food, overeating. In addition, such a diet can lead to gastritis. This is a common occurrence for those who suffer from diarrhea and constipation.

pain in the stomach

During pregnancy, discomfort can occur due to a change in the location of internal organs. In addition, the cause can be hormonal disorders, as well as menstruation.

Other causes of pain

Periodic dull pain in the stomach canarise also due to the influence of external adverse factors that can be completely eliminated by applying popular methods without harm to health and other adverse consequences.

Children often have this problembackground of constant stressful situations, in case of malnutrition. In this case it is desirable to revise the child's habitual diet, and also requires a full-fledged physical and psychological rest. After that, the pain will pass very quickly.

If a person often suffers from constipation or diarrhea,then pain can occur. In this case, you need to consume light foods, drink plenty of fluids and, as necessary, take a laxative or make an enema, as this will ensure the normal functioning of the stomach.

pain with gastritis
The weakening of the stomach muscles can also be another cause of pain. Often, this condition is observed when the stomach is down, mainly during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth.

Clinical manifestations

If a person is worried about dull pain in the upperparts of the stomach, then this symptomatology is difficult to confuse with simple discomfort. To conduct comprehensive timely treatment, you need to take into account the existing symptoms, as well as the intensity of pain. Additional manifestations include:

  • increased sweating;
  • heat;
  • discoloration of the skin;
  • darkening of urine;
  • bleeding.

Dull pain in the stomach can provoke andmany other clinical manifestations. When cardiovascular diseases and respiratory system disorders occur, an increased sweating and heart palpitations may be observed additionally. Such a violation significantly complicates the course and treatment of the disease.

High temperature can last forseveral weeks. A dangerous sign is the occurrence of vomiting amid high fever. Changes in skin color and urine testify to the presence of pathologies of the kidneys, chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines. If a similar problem occurs in adolescents, then acne can occur throughout the body.

Pain in gastritis characterized by highintensity, but sometimes the patient can for a long time not feel any discomfort. Linked soreness, mainly with eating.

dull aching pain
In addition to pain, with gastritis there is a feelingseverity and raspiraniya in the stomach. A person often regurgitates, an unpleasant aftertaste appears in the mouth, followed by heartburn, burning and certain problems with the defecation process. For gastritis also characterized by other signs, in particular such as:

  • weakness and fatigue appear;
  • a person becomes irritable and has pain in the heart;
  • there is drowsiness, pallor and sweating;
  • sharp pressure jumps;
  • problems with the limbs.

With an ulcer, intense soreness is observed. Discomfort occurs 1-2 hours after eating. In addition, the ulcer is characterized by periodic exacerbation. Can be observed heartburn, belching, nausea, vomiting.

The presence of bleeding from the vagina or analhole suggests that the pathological process takes a very serious form. In this case, urgent medical attention is required. If there is dull pain in the stomach and eructation, then this can talk about chronic gastritis. Especially discomfort is felt after consuming spicy, salty and sour food.

Conducting diagnostics

When there is dull pain in the stomach, you needimmediately consult a doctor for diagnosis and follow-up treatment. That the doctor could put the exact diagnosis, it is necessary to pass a complex inspection which includes:

  • biopsy;
  • stool analysis;
  • fibrogastroscopy.

Based on the results, the doctor will be able toto put the correct diagnosis, and only after that complex therapy and a strict diet are prescribed. The doctor prescribes special medications and traditional medicine. Thanks to complex treatment, you can quickly restore your health and return to your lifestyle.

Features of treatment

It is important not only to eliminate the pain in the stomach, but alsothe main reason for its occurrence. Independent treatment can only do harm, so it is important to contact the doctor in a timely manner. It is important to follow a special diet, which will not only do no harm, but will also benefit. On the first day, it is advisable not to eat anything to allow the digestive system to recover. This will partially eliminate the irritation of the mucosa.

dull stomach pain causes

With pain in the stomach, you need to consume food in small portions, but often. You need to eat about 5-6 times a day. This will significantly reduce the burden on the digestive system.

Use of medication

Facilitate the condition will help drugpreparations. With increased acidity, you need to consume artificial blockers. These include drugs such as Rennie or Maalox. The drug "Maalox" not only copes well with the main cause of the disease, but also reduces the amount of produced gastric juice, and also minimizes discomfort. The drug is released in the form of a suspension and tablets. For prevention, take it an hour after eating. However, this drug has certain contraindications, which must be taken into account.

The severity of the stomach can be a sign of lackGastric acid. To eliminate the problem, such drugs as "Pancreatin" or "Mezim" are used. Active components of the drug contribute to the processing and splitting of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The effect of the drug occurs just 40 minutes after its administration.

With bloating, the drug works well"Motilium", and when poisoning it is necessary to take "Smektu". The elimination of spasms will help "No-shpa". In some cases, adverse reactions may occur with the use of this drug. If any unpleasant symptoms occur, stop taking this medication immediately.

Popular techniques

If you are concerned about stomach pain, you cantake advantage of folk therapy. To eliminate discomfort, you can put a hot compress on your stomach. Then the patient should be covered with a warm blanket, so that he would lie down for several hours. Constant pain will pass if you regularly take tincture of St. John's wort.

dull pain in the stomach after eating
To eliminate acute pain in the stomach,take herbs that have a calming effect on the digestive tract. Spasmodic pain in the stomach will pass if you periodically chew the leaves of fresh plantain. Before use, they should be thoroughly rinsed under running cold water. Timely help will not only help alleviate the main symptoms, but also eliminate the disease that caused the onset of pain. This is guaranteed to help prevent complications.


Prevention of pain involvesunder a diet. It is enough to arrange for yourself unloading days, in which it is forbidden to consume food and drink a lot of liquid. In addition, every week you need to choose certain foods, as this will saturate the body with useful substances and prevent the occurrence of a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. This will not only prevent the occurrence of severity and discomfort, but also maintain the body in a tone, preventing drowsiness and lethargy.

dull stomach pain and eructation
It is necessary to limit the consumption of alcoholic beveragesdrinks, replacing them with herbal teas or freshly squeezed juices. It is desirable to go in for sports, because physical activity causes the digestive system to work much more actively.