The drug "Sinekod" for children, reviews about the drug


Each parent knows that when he falls illa kid, every remedy able to relieve painful symptoms, is valuable. Therefore, the drug "Sinekod" for children, reviews of which are more positive, causes genuine interest and attention from moms of young children.

Pharmacological properties of the preparation "Sinekod" and indications for use

Medication "Sinekod" is an antitussiveA remedy that is produced for children in the form of a syrup or drops. It helps to reduce the resistance of the airways. It is easily and completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The medicine "Sinekod for children", reviews of which are easy to find on the forums on the Internet, has become quite a popular drug. However, it can only be taken after a doctor has prescribed it. The drug is used to treat acute cough of various origins, with whooping cough, bronchoscopy, and in the pre and postoperative period during surgery.

Taking medicine in the form of drops can beage from two months to three years and older, and syrup is prescribed for children from three to twelve years of age or older. Parents who purchase the drug "Sinekod" for children, reviews leave a wide variety. Some complain that the medication did not help. There are contraindications to taking the medicine, if there is an increased sensitivity to the components included in it. The preparation contains additives in the form of saccharin and sorbitol. Therefore, it can be used for patients with diabetes mellitus, and there will also be problems with taking medication by children. After all, it is sweet to the taste.

Reviews about the drug

If you analyze the reviews about this tool,you can see how the opinion about it varies among consumers. First of all, the mothers of the toddlers are interested in the cases when the "Sinekod" preparation should be used. After all, this medicine is very strong and you should use it carefully. It is positioned as a bronchodilator, which promotes liquefaction and excretion of sputum. Consumers advise to consult doctors and not engage in self-medication. And this is the right decision!

The drug "Sinekod" for children is prescribed in thecase, if the cough has a paroxysmal character, dry and without sputum. In this kind of trouble, this tool saves with great efficiency. Parents who were prescribed "Sinekod" for children, the reviews leave the following: first, they can be given even to kids up to three years, which is very valuable. And secondly, they advise to take into account the fact that the drug does not actually cure for cough, but only blocks the center, which cough for the cough. But he saves during the night dry, exhausting cough.

When taking the medicine "Sinekod" you can not drinkmeans coughing up (which dilute sputum and promote its excretion), because their action is opposite and will not bring relief to the body (on the contrary, it may well lead to the development of complications!). The drug "Sinekod" is better given to the child at night. This is a medical advice that is effective for treating a baby and is applicable in a similar situation for an adult. When a child's cough becomes milder and more rare, it is time to stop taking the medication and, if necessary, switch to expectorant medications. And do not forget about the treatment of the throat and runny nose, in order to get rid of the disease sooner.

The drug "Sinekod" - syrup for children reviews hasalso positive (like drops). In addition to the rapid cure for cough, parents emphasize such an important fact that the syrup is cheaper than the drops. It is used only against dry cough, with a damp cough there is a risk of sputum in the lungs, which can lead to pneumonia. And, of course, syrup, like drops, should be used only on the advice of a doctor. Self-medication, especially when it comes to children's health, is not at all relevant.


The analysis showed that the drug "Sinekod" for children,reviews collects a lot of their positive. This is for the following reasons: it is a potent drug that saves from dry night cough, contains no narcotic ingredients and is suitable for treating young children aged two months. However, you can not assign it to your child yourself, without consulting a pediatrician.