"Badyaga" from bruises: reviews (powder, ointment and gel), instructions for use


Bruises and bruises are an integral part of ourlife. As a rule, they appear in a variety of situations. It can be injuries, falls, bruises, the results of sports, etc. Bruising does not cause serious concern in everyday life, but it seriously spoils the appearance. In this case, it is not superfluous to resort to such a tool as "Badyaga". From bruises, the reviews say, it frees up for just a few uses.

Form of release of preparations on the basis of badyagi

"Badyaga" is a unique remedy for external use that has a local irritating effect.

It is produced in the form of a gray-green powder,which is packaged on paper bags of 2.5 g, 5 g, 6 g and 10 g. There is also a "Badyaga" in the form of a gel packed in tubes of 50 and 100 ml and in the form of a cream, which is sold in volumes of 50, 75 and 100 ml.

The funds are produced by different companies, and therefore they have different names. For example, "Badyaga 911" or "Badyaga Forte."

Well saves "Badyaga" from bruises. Reviews say that the powder from bruising can not be used in its pure form, but must be diluted in water or oil. It helps and bruises on the body. Perfectly relieves pain and swelling. Improves blood circulation.

All products on the basis of badyagi have a completely natural composition.

pharmachologic effect

"Badyaga" from bruises is a real salvation and can remove this cosmetic defect in just a few days.

Badyaga in nature is found only infreshwater. It is considered a sponge of animal origin. It grows mainly on rocks and stilts. It comes from a family of badges and belongs to the genus of simple sponges. Contains organic compounds, including carbonates and phosphates.

Has resorbability properties and thereforeeffectively eliminates bruises. It is used in the manufacture of creams, gels, ointments, powders and various suspensions. Powder is the most burning, as it passes the least degree of processing.

The freshwater sponge, from which the spongy consists,It is a sponginous horny junction made of filaments of silica needles. It is the needles that cause irritating effects in the tissues and increase blood flow. In addition, badyaga has a slight anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

badger from bruises reviews

Due to the action of this substance,mechanical cleansing of the skin from dead particles. This process stimulates redox-oxidative reactions in the epidermis. It improves the condition of the skin, promotes its rejuvenation, increases the elasticity and elasticity of connective tissue, and reduces wrinkles. The drug does not penetrate the skin, but acts only at the local level.

Use "Badyagu" can be for any typeskin and in various parts of the body, except the chest and heart area. Ointment contains a large amount of minerals. Due to this, it can cause burning sensation, which passes quickly enough. Powder "Badyaga" is not used in its pure form and, as a rule, is bred in water, vegetable oil or hydrogen peroxide.

The best effect on the skin will have a complex cream. In it, in addition to badyaga, include vitamins, extracts of herbs, phytoncides.

Such remedies can not be used for young children, because their skin is tender enough, and it can cause severe redness.

In cosmetology, the squirrel is used together with other biological additives in the scrubs and peelings for the face. It is a part of many masks and creams.

Indications and contraindications

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It effectively cures many injuriesskin. Also helps "Badyaga" from bruises. Reviews call it the best tool for treating bruises. They say that in this case, it just works wonders. Helps bruises quickly dissolve and disappear.

Use "Badyagu" and to eliminate acne, pigment spots, post-acne, comedones.

She quickly removes suppuration and relieves painFeel. Do not let blood stagnate in the blood vessels and do not allow them to clog up. Stimulates blood circulation. Some people use this remedy for seborrhea.

Creams and ointments based on badyagi are used incomplex with other drugs in the therapy of rheumatoid arthritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis and with bruises of soft tissues and joints. Here it has anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect.

Do not use Badyaga powder ifthe integrity of the skin is broken, there are abrasions, wounds and scratches. Do not use the remedy for allergy and individual intolerance of the remedy. Contraindicated application of the drug "Badyaga" with dermatitis caused by bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Do not use it in inflammatory processes that have arisen because of the action of toxins and allergies.

Do not apply "Badyaga" if the skin contains benign or malignant formations. Irritant properties of the powder can lead to the growth of such formations.

When using powder "Badyaga" canthere are negative reactions. They appear as an allergy. It can be a rash, itching, redness of the skin, hives. With prolonged use of this remedy, the redness of the problem area, hyperemia, slight burning and tingling can develop.

Application of "Badyagi"

buckyard from bruises under the eyes

"Badyaga" -gel, like powder, is used only externally. If a powder is used, it is diluted with a small amount of water to obtain a uniform mass.

Well relieves "Badyaga" from bruises. Instructions for use in this case, advises to apply immediately after the injury, and then 3-4 times a day. The powder is allowed to stand for 20 minutes, and then it is washed off.

If the drug is used for cosmetic purposes,then for bleaching and exfoliating the skin it is applied no more often than once a week. Gradually, the frequency of its use is increased to three times a week.

If "Badyaga" is used for treatmentmusculoskeletal system, then compress with a mass of powder "Badyagi", diluted with vegetable oil, leave on the skin for up to eight hours. On an easy feeling of a burning sensation it is not necessary to pay attention, but at a strong discomfort the preparation needs to be washed off by water.

Powder and otherfunds on the basis of badyagi to women during pregnancy and lactation. The drug is not absorbed by the body, so it will not harm the fetus or the infant.

The agent does not come into relationship withdrugs intended for oral administration. When combining treatment with "Badyagi" and other local aids, you should not apply the drugs at the same time.

After the procedure, you should refrain from visiting the street for 2-3 hours.

Do not let the solution from the badyageon open wounds and mucous membranes of eyes, mouth and nose. If the powder has got into the eyes, they must be rinsed immediately with a large amount of water.

Powder "Badyaga" from bruises

buckyard gel

The bruise is formed as a result of traumathe smallest vessels with a mechanical effect on the skin. At this place, first a cone is formed, under which there is a build-up of blood. "Badyaga" (powder) from bruises acts in this case quickly and effectively.

Before applying "Badyagi" the place of injury is neededquickly cool, putting a cold on it for a few minutes. This will prevent the growth of the bruise and cause narrowing of the vessels. After this procedure, put "Badyag".

"Badyaga" from bruises and bruises in powder is notis used in its pure form. Before applying to the problem area, it must be diluted. Two tablespoons of water take one spoonful of powder. A cotton swab is moistened in this mixture and applied to a bruise. Compress, if it is not on your face, you can leave it for the night. The procedure is carried out 2 to 4 times a day.

Other preparations based on badyaga from bruises

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There are several forms of issuing funds frombadyear. This powder, cream, ointment and gel. All these funds are intended for both ordinary people and athletes who use them in the event of various injuries, bruises, bruises.

Ointment "Badyaga" from bruises relieves in front of eyes. Helps to eliminate bruising on the body and under the eyes in a short period of time.

Finished funds on the basis of badyagi rubbed intoarea of ​​injury by massage 10 minutes. The residues are removed with a damp cloth. On the face of "Badyaga" (gel, ointment, cream or powder) should not be more than twenty minutes. On the remaining parts of the body, it can be kept for up to 8 hours. If necessary, after this period, the old compress is changed to a new one.

All creams and ointments based on badyagi havepleasant texture, quickly absorbed and rarely leave behind a sticky residue. Contain vitamins, herbal extracts and other reducing agents injured skin, accelerating the healing process.

Drugs based on badyagi are not suitable for people with sensitive skin. They easily get bruises, but the use of powder can cause irritation on the skin and allergies.

Primary redness of the skin after using these remedies is considered the norm.

Recipes for powder preparation "Badyaga" from bruises

buckyard powder from bruises

To get rid of bruises, you should first get a powder "Badyaga" in the pharmacy. The agent is diluted with water to a uniform consistency, where one part of the powder is taken in two parts of the water.

In some cases, it is mixed with hydrogen peroxide. This composition works more efficiently, but it dries the skin very much.

You can also plant buckyag with any vegetable oil. The mixture is applied to the bruise. On top put gauze and fix it with adhesive tape. Compress to a sore spot is better to apply before bedtime.

Well spared the bruising powder from bruises,diluted with decoction of plantain. This compound is still effectively combating acne, pigmentation spots and narrowing the enlarged pores. On a tablespoon of dry tubs take two tablespoons of water. Apply the mixture to the skin for only five minutes.

Desaturate bruise bruise, mixed with white clay. To prepare the mixture, take a teaspoon of the remedy and the same amount of clay. Dilute components with warm water until creamy. Apply to the problem area and rinse after drying.

The use of badyagi helps to remove pain and promotes better supply of skin with oxygen.

"Badyaga" from bruises under the eyes

ointment badyaga from bruises

To date, there are many funds frombruises under the eyes. They have a special composition and a special consistency, thanks to which the product effectively and delicately affects this area.

Despite the availability of similar products on the marketmany women prefer "Badyage". And with her help successfully fight with bruises under the eyes. For these purposes, the powder will not work, as it is too aggressive and can dry out the skin. It is best to apply creams, ointments and gels based on badyagi.

So, gel "Badyaga" from bruises under the eyesis applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes, after which it is washed off with water at room temperature. During the application of the product, you should massage the problem area for a better effect of this substance. The same applies to bruises on the skin around the eyes and bruises on the face.

The face zone has too sensitive skin,therefore, before using any of the products from badyagi, a test for sensitivity to the drug should be carried out. For this, a small amount of the drug must be applied to the elbow and see the skin reaction. If there is no irritation, then "Badyagi" can be safely treated with bruises.

"Badyaga": the price

"Badyaga" is the most effective tool,helping to remove bruises. Its popularity is also due to the affordability of the drug. So, "Badyaga 911" from bruises costs in the region of 70-90 rubles. Gel from bruises and bruises can be purchased for 80 rubles. If you need a powder "Badyaga", the price of 5 g is 50 rubles, and 10 g is 75 rubles. The cost of gel "Badyaga-Forte" fluctuates around 90 rubles. All funds of this type are sold only in pharmacies and are dispensed without a doctor's prescription.


Does "Badyaga" help bruises? To this question, thousands of people respond: yes. They note that miraculous healing does not occur, but still the bruise pales before the eyes. Disappears completely five days after regular use of the cream, gel or powder. In some people, this remedy is always in the medicine cabinet.

"Badyaga-Forte" from bruises helps quickly and effectively. The results are noticeable after the second application. Complete disappearance of the bruise occurs in a week.

Far from everyone approaches "Badyaga" from bruises. The reviews claim that there are people from whom she caused the strongest allergic reaction, which manifested itself in the form of a strong reddening of the skin.

Many people argue that "Badyaga" does not savefrom bruises. A little brightens, relieves swelling, and bruises go on for a long time, for 2-3 weeks. They believe that during such a time they are able to pass in a natural way. Many people do not like the action of the remedy, which is manifested in tingling, burning and redness. Because of these properties, they had to abandon the drug "Badyaga" by choosing another to remove the bruises.

The "Badyaga" means a lot of supporters andopponents. With its application, the principle "to each his own". Some people consider its properties to be amazing and constantly use it. For others, it turned out to be useless, and someone did harm at all.

Despite this, do not wait until the bruisewill pass itself, after all it will be unesthetically looked on a skin. Better quickly remove such a defect "Badyagi". After all, this tool is inexpensive, and in most cases gives only a positive result.