Professional treatment of follicular sore throat


The disease that affects the tonsils is the follicularangina. Treatment of it is to eliminate the factors that caused inflammation. The disease is accompanied by an increase in glands, reddening of the mucosa, the formation of abscesses. The disease often affects children and spreads through the household way.

Treatment of follicular sore throat
Provokes angina staphylococcus. Often parents are his carriers and transmit the disease to the child. Treatment of follicular sore throat can be successful, but does not guarantee that the disease will not return again. In order to achieve such a high result, it is necessary to identify the source of infection. It is best for parents to take a smear from the mouth.
Treatment of follicular sore throat is performed with the help ofantibiotics. Only they can suppress the pathogen. Admission is carried out on the advice of a doctor who correctly calculates the necessary dose and the correct drug. Then treatment of follicular sore throat will be effective. Usually, antibiotics are taken within 10 days.
In addition, you need to treat the throat with furatsilinom. Tonsils should be lubricated with cotton wool, soaked in a weak saline solution or herbal decoctions. Special antibacterial aerosols, sprays and resorption tablets will help to stop the reproduction of bacteria and reduce pain.
Follicular sore throat treatment

The rise in temperature is what alwaysaccompanied by a sore throat follicular. Treatment of this symptom should start if the thermometer has risen above the 38.5 mark. A rise in temperature indicates that the body is fighting infection. It can be "knocked down" by any antipyretic. In a few days, when the acute period passes, the temperature will stop rising, and the body will begin to recover. The pain in the throat will decrease. Treatment of follicular sore throat with the correct mode ends within a week. In this period, you need to stay in bed, so as not to overload the body and not infect others.
In the process of treatment it is important to take a lot of fluids. It is good to drink fruit drinks from fresh berries, milk, tea. The more will be drunk, the better. Together with the liquid, slag and harmful substances are removed from the body. Experiencing because of lack of appetite is not worth it. In the first few days, taking less food than usual, is normal. It is best to eat mashed potatoes (vegetable or fruit). They do not irritate the larynx mucosa, cause less discomfort and are better digested.

Angina follicular treatment

During illness it is necessary to eat and drink from a separatedishes, since germs can be transmitted in this way to healthy family members. In a state of illness, the body should not spend much energy on digesting food. Soon, the appetite will return to normal. Nutrition during recovery should be made as useful as possible. It should contain a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as food rich in protein.
Recovery comes quickly with the use of modern methods of treatment, but the probability of repeated infection will persist until the source of infection is detected and excluded.