Kholin - what is this? Why do drugs containing choline?


Choline - a nutritional compound, in itsthe composition is vitamin-like. It is often called vitamin B4. Its name is derived from the Greek word, which translates as "bile." The fact is that some choline can be produced by the liver itself.

Choline is

Functions of choline in the human body

This substance was first recognized as significantfor the person in 1998. Vitamin B4 (choline) has a membrane-protective property, that is, it helps to preserve the membrane of cells, ensuring their normal functioning. The walls of nerve cells are moist and oily. Choline helps maintain their proper consistency. Without it, cholesterol is oxidized and forms compounds with dead cells of the protein. This leads to the formation of seals: the nerve cell does not receive the necessary nutrients and dies. An important property of choline is a decrease in the level of cholesterol in the blood. It also positively affects the nervous system, providing an antidepressant effect: in the process of metabolism from choline, fibers with the ability to transmit nerve impulses are obtained. At the right time, the mechanisms work and hormones are formed, positively affecting the brain's ability to work and the general condition of the person.

Products containing vitamin B4

Vitamin Kholin
The greatest amount of this substance is containedin the egg yolk. Choline is a part of lipoproteins (therefore in a large amount it is contained in oils). Thus, peanut butter, liver of animals possesses a large content of choline. There is it in dairy products (in particular, in cheese and cottage cheese).

And now let us briefly consider the question of what is the useful effect of choline on the human body.

The cardiovascular system

Choline well counterbalances the amount of harmful anduseful cholesterol in the human body, inclined the scales to the side of the second. Due to this, it is a good tool in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Nervous system

Relaxing and soothing effect haspresent vitamin. Kholin allows you to fight the signs of depression. The fact is that it prevents the destruction of the protective envelope of nerve cells (myelin). This allows the nervous system to stay in order for a long time. Doctors also note that choline activates the work of the brain and improves memory. The experiments showed that after the use of choline by a group of subjects, their memory and ingenuity improved. There is also a positive effect of choline on the fetus. Being in the womb of the mother, the child can not produce choline himself. However, this substance contributes to the formation of higher mental abilities.

Digestive system

Choline is a good hepatoprotector. It allows liver cells to recover faster after various toxic effects, including alcohol and drugs. In addition, choline prevents the formation of gallstones and excessive formation of bile. The undoubted merit of choline is its ability to dissolve fats with enzymes. It helps to avoid liver dystrophy with obesity and can help in losing weight. Also, thanks to vitamin B4 in the human body, fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, K) are better absorbed.

Reproductive significance

Choline is one of the substances involved in human reproduction. It increases the activity of spermatozoa. In addition, due to choline reduces the risk of inflammation of the prostate.

Preparations containing choline

Preparations containing choline

In pharmacies, you can find a number of titles,the active substance of which is choline. First of all, they are such preparations as "Choline Chloride", "Choline Alfoscerate", and also "Kholin-Borimed", "Cerepro", "Gliatelin". Each of these drugs has its own direction. So, the drug "Choline Chloride" is prescribed for acute and chronic liver diseases, alcoholism or trauma. The drug "Kholina alfoscerate" and its analogues ("Cerepro" and "Gliatelin") are neuroleptics and are prescribed for brain injuries. To replenish the necessary amount of choline in a healthy body, you can simply contact the pharmacy with a request to give Vitamin B4 (for example, Vitrum Beauty, Duovit Memo, where the vitamin B4 content is sufficient to meet the daily requirement). Appoint also choline for children. The daily need for an adult is 5-6 g, for a child 4 g.

Vitamin B4 Choline

Assimilation of choline

Getting through the stomach, choline begins to be absorbedin the intestine throughout its entire length. Then, with the help of other substances, most often lecithin, it enters the blood and the liver. As noted above, choline is a substance that can be synthesized in the body itself. This occurs through amino acids and natural metabolism.

Signs of hypovitaminosis

By the following signs it is possible to determine the lack of choline in your body:

  • irritability and excessive fatigue;
  • sometimes insomnia, depression, a state of apathy;
  • pain in the liver, its wrong work;
  • a sharp increase in weight;
  • attacks of gastritis, heartburn, diarrhea after a fat meal;
  • in children, growth retardation;
  • often there is a noise in the ears, headaches;
  • blood circulation is disturbed;
  • arrhythmia.
    Choline for children

Features of the substance and the consequences of its lack

It should be said that the mother's milk containsthe daily rate of choline necessary for an adult. The fact that the baby's brain develops very intensely, and vitamin B4 contributes to its normal development. New and new brain cells and neural appendages are formed, and choline is the most important building material for the brain. Scientists who argue about whether nerve cells are recovering from an adult, are increasingly inclined to believe that cholin can help them reborn. All that is needed is proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and products containing vitamin B4 in large quantities. The lack of choline in the body can lead to serious consequences. These include Alzheimer's disease, manifested in the elderly. It is accompanied by loss of memory and personality disorder. Researchers note that soon most of the elderly will be exposed to it.