Cream "Boro plus" green is designed for problem skin


To date, the pharmaceutical marketis full of different products. But many of us try to choose from the general mass products of natural origin. About this drug and will be discussed in this article.


borough plus green

Cream "Boro plus" green refers to a series of powerfulhighly effective antiseptic products made from natural products. This universal preparation is effective against a wide range of fungal and bacterial flora. Infection does not spread, which is especially important in modern conditions, since bacteria are now resistant to many drugs. The cream is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.

A drug has been developed in India. Therefore, in the composition there are mainly plants and herbs growing in this country. Does not contain hormones.


  • Kapur Tulasi is a kind of basil. Relieves headaches and inflammation.
  • Kumkuma - has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Niem (melia) - relieves inflammation, itching,moisturizes, tones up the skin and protects against bacteria. Used for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, neurodermatitis and skin rot. Helps to tighten pressure sores.
  • Tulsi is an antiseptic and an antibiotic. Has a moisturizing effect.
  • Kachari is an excellent anti-inflammatory substance.
    ointment borax plus green
  • Estimadghu - promotes rapid regeneration of the skin.
  • Haridra (turmeric) is an antiseptic and an antibiotic. Has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Prevents the formation of melanoma (malignant tumor). Turmeric is capable of destroying tumor cells.
  • Sandal - removes inflammation in case of sweating, skin diseases. Has a cooling and soothing effect.
  • Vetiver - regulates sweating, reduces odor. It has a cooling effect, soothes the skin, relieves itching.
  • Margosa - promotes the treatment of acne.
  • Ginger lily is a natural antibiotic. Has anti-inflammatory, tonic, wound-healing effect.
  • Ushir and Chandan are antibacterial.
  • Yaastimadu - destroys the pathogenic microflora.
  • And also the familiar aloe ingredient is a natural antiseptic. Cools, moisturizes, anesthetizes the skin, relieves inflammation. Creates a powerful effect in the treatment of purulent wounds.
  • This includes talcum powder, which is the basis of the cream.
  • In the composition of the ointment there are fragrances. They are used to enhance the smell of the drug.

Natural components are mixed in suchproportions, which determine the effectiveness of the cream "Boro plus". Green has a pronounced antiseptic effect, and is also considered an antifungal agent.

Indications for use

This tool is recommended if you: signs of frostbite; scratches, abrasions, wounds; insect bites; 1st degree burns. Impetigo (pustular skin disease caused by staphylococci and streptococci), cracks on the nipples during breastfeeding, irritation of the skin of hands from the effects of detergents, postoperative scars - all this is an indication for the use of this drug.

 borax plus from acne green
Dryness of the skin of the hands or face, acne (acne),herpes, fissures on the lips, irritation after shaving and some chronic skin diseases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema) are listed in the instructions as a condition that can correct the cream.

Ideal for children prone to skin irritations and allergic reactions to nap, and women during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Cream "Boro plus" from acne green oftenrecommend adolescents. It is considered a good cosmetic product due to its antibacterial, hydrating, toning and nutritional action. It creates a protective film on the skin, preventing the penetration of infection from the external environment.

borough plus instruction green

On the basis of this cream other means are developed: "Borobuti", "Boro Plus" (a bouquet of herbs), Boroglo, Boromed, Borokair, Borosandal, Borolaet, Borosoft, Boroherb, Borototal, Boro plus ( lilac), "Borotulsy", "Boro plus" (pink). What is the similarity? They have the same properties as the "Boro plus" ointment. The green color of the package, as it were, emphasizes the natural origin of the preparation. Let us consider in more detail how to use this tool.

The drug "Boro plus": the instruction. Green cream will solve skin problems

Cleanse the skin with water and dry. Apply a thin layer of Boro Plus cream to the affected area. It will take several applications. The cream should be applied only when necessary. It is not designed for permanent use. The drug can be used as a mask. Apply a thick coat for a quarter of an hour, then remove with a dry cloth. It is not necessary to wash off. It is possible to apply the drug at any time of the day. The cream is suitable for use for prevention purposes and as a cosmetic product: to improve the condition of the skin of the face, arms, legs, elbows.

In the instructions the manufacturer offers 5 years shelf life. Follow the expiration of the specified storage date. Overdue drug should not be used.

Positive reviews

boron plus reviews green

Many are satisfied with the action of the drug. Positive in most cases has a cream of "Boro Plus" reviews. The green color of the packaging is chosen much more often than other products in this series. This is evidenced by sales statistics. Many of those who managed to assess the quality of the drug, noted its advantages. These are:

  • Low cost of cream.
  • Dryness and irritation of the skin disappear instantly.
  • Application for suppuration of wounds.
  • The skin becomes elastic and elastic.
  • "Miraculous", a magical action.
  • Use as a night cream for the face.
  • The use of this tool by men as a shave cream.
  • Quickly absorbed into the skin.
  • The smell of the cream is pleasant, does not cause disgust.
  • Suitable for lubricating the skin of babies after using diapers.
  • For the treatment of cracked heels.

Negative feedback

Like any remedy, this drug has gained andnegative reviews of some people. Complaints about the sharp smell of grass were expressed by the girls after applying the ointment. Some are not satisfied with the fact that the drug has a scent of soap, or its dense fat consistency. This once again confirms that any tool has the property to approach only a certain category of the population


Cream "Boro plus" green is not recommended for use with individual intolerance of any ingredient included in its composition.

The drug "Boro Plus" can become a reliable assistant. Let the skin be healthy!