Did you vomit blood? Help is needed immediately!


In the event that a patient experiences vomiting,it is almost impossible to control it. Doctors do this and do not recommend, because the body in such a way tries to purify from the harmful substances that have got into it. Fear should be those situations where vomiting, dizziness for a long time does not stop and lead to dehydration and severe deterioration of the patient.

Especially fast it is necessary to react in thosesituations when the patient started vomiting with blood. This is clear evidence that bleeding has begun in any part of the stomach. If vomiting is long and painful, it is possible that the blood appeared because of injury to the esophagus or throat. Immediately call an ambulance and be sure to save the vomit before the doctor arrives. For them it will be easier to establish the causes of the appearance of blood.

If the blood is bright and fresh, then it appearedrecently. Perhaps this is a slight bleeding of the upper part of the digestive system. But sometimes vomiting with blood can be more dark coffee color and even black. This is a clear sign that she was in the stomach for a long time. Most often, he talks about the presence in the body of diseases such as severe liver damage (cirrhosis), erosion of the stomach or food tract, or even the formation of ulcers. In rare cases, but they also need to be considered, this may be the first symptom of stomach cancer.

Steroid hormones, anti-inflammatorydrugs and aspirin, with prolonged use, can lead to the fact that a person will vomit with blood. After alcohol, the most negative effect on our stomach, there may also be severe pain in this area, a feeling of nausea, vomiting, dizziness. Alcoholism, in its chronic stage, forms scars on the liver and leads to stagnation of blood in the digestive tract. The veins are very stretched, a very high pressure is created, as a result of which the walls sooner or later burst and a blood fountain beats from the patient's mouth. Vomiting with blood after alcohol is awful both for the person himself and for the people around him. Before the arrival of an ambulance, try to lay and calm the patient, because at this moment he may experience panic and strong arousal, which threatens with even greater losses of blood. Do not give him any medications, food or water.

Vomiting with blood is always dangerous, but beforeTo begin to panic, it is necessary to be convinced, that the patient did not use chocolate shortly before occurrence of vomitive desires or other products of red-brown color. In some cases, it can be swallowed nasal bleeding, blood from the lungs or after tooth extraction. Pulmonary blood is usually frothy. If the cause is not clear until the end and there is the slightest suspicion, immediately call an ambulance, even if vomiting with blood is not too strong and started at night.

Not always the amount of blood in the vomitvividly speaks of the real quantity of blood lost by the body. If, even being at rest, the patient feels weak, strong dizziness and thirst, then, its internal losses are quite large. Dizziness is the first symptom of low blood pressure.

Experts urgently restore the necessaryvolume of blood in the patient's body by infusing it with blood plasma, erythrocyte mass and physiological solutions. The necessary vasoconstrictive drugs will be used. With ulcers, antiulcer therapy. Prophylaxis of liver failure in thrombosis and cirrhosis. In emergency cases, surgical intervention is possible.

Particular care must be taken by patients withsuspicions of gastric ulcer and cirrhosis of the liver, undergo the necessary treatment and remember that it is in these cases, there can be serious relapses.