"Cerukal": reviews. "Tserukal" - from what? Indications for use, analogues


Many preparations produced by modern industry, there are very good reviews. "Cerucal" - an anti-emetic medicine of central action - is included in their number.

Principle of drug action

The main substance that is part of the medicine"Cerucal" is metoclopramide hydrochloride. Liquid drug "Cerucal" in addition to metoclopramide contains disodium edetate, chloride and sodium sulfite, as well as water. The tablets also include lactose monohydrate, gelatin, potato starch and magnesium stearate. Judging by the feedback about him, "Cerucal" very gently removes the vomiting symptom and normalizes the work of the stomach and intestines. The principle of action of this drug is based on the ability of metoclopramide to block serotonin and dopamine receptors. As a result, there is a decrease in the sensitivity of brain nerve cells responsible for the transfer of impulses from the vomiting center located in the medulla oblongata to the duodenum.

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Among other things, the drug "Cerucal"restores motility of the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract and normalizes the tone of the walls of the stomach and intestines. In addition, this medicine is able to prevent the development of a disease such as cholestatic jaundice. Its reception allows you to eliminate the symptoms of dyskinesia of the gallbladder. In addition, the medicine "Cerucal" can contribute to the separation of bile.

In what forms is it produced

The drug is produced in tablets coated withenteric coating, having a white color. In addition, there is a "Cerucal" intended for injections. Ampoules are used for both intravenous and intramuscular administration.

Time of action of the drug

The drug "Cerucal" in the maximum tabletsconcentration in the blood reaches an hour after ingestion. The effect of this is maintained for twelve hours. The maximum effect after intramuscular injection of the liquid form of the drug is observed in half an hour after the injection. With intravenous injection - after 3 minutes.

At what illnesses it is necessary to take medicine "Cerucal"

Vomiting and nausea of ​​any origin are basicindications for taking the drug "Cerucal". What can this medicine help with yet? Take it is also, for example, with frequent constipation. In the event that you are shaken in a car or train, you can take a pill before the trip. In addition, this drug is prescribed for reflux-esophagitis, dyskinesia of the biliary tract and atony of the intestine and stomach.


How to use

When vomiting and nausea, on the recommendation of a doctor, forhour before meals should take the drug "Cerucal". Instructions (the price of the drug is about 100 rubles in tablets) is extremely simple to use. Adults are usually recommended to take 3-4 times a day for one tablet. To teenagers from fourteen years - on half or the whole tablet 2-3 times a day. The drug is recommended to be taken with water. You can buy this medicine only by prescription. Most often, the course of treatment lasts a month and a half. But in certain cases this term can last up to six months.

Contraindications for use

This preparation exists, as alreadymentioned, very good reviews. "Cerucal", however, in some cases, is not recommended. You can not, for example, take pills and do injections in the first trimester of pregnancy. Subsequently, take the drug with caution. Children under fourteen years old can not use this medicine in tablets. In addition, contraindications may include:

  1. Pheochromocytoma.
  2. Perforation of the walls of the intestine and stomach.
  3. Intestinal obstruction.
  4. Prolactin-dependent tumor.
  5. Stenosis of the pylorus of the stomach.
  6. Epilepsy.
  7. Gastrointestinal bleeding.
  8. Motor disorders extrapyramidal.
  9. Intolerance of individual components of the drug.

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Children from two to fourteen years of age, the medicine "Cerucal" is prescribed only in the form of injections for the purpose of accurate dosing.

Side effects of the drug

Some patients give about this medicine and notespecially good reviews. "Cerucal", like most modern drugs, sometimes causes all sorts of unpleasant side reactions. Women, for example, may have a menstrual cycle. After taking pills or a prick often there is dryness in the mouth. In addition, this medicine can cause diarrhea or constipation. Some people who take the drug "Cerucal", begin dizziness or headaches. Anxiety, drowsiness, facial muscle spasms, tinnitus, depression, parkinsonism - also apply to the side effects of this medication. In addition, the preparation "Cerucal" can cause:

  1. Galactary, gynecomastia.
  2. Hypotension or hypertension, as well as supraventricular tachycardia.
  3. Agranulocytosis.
  4. Itching, hives, rash.

Compatibility with other drugs

The drug "Cerucal", the injections of which canto stop vomiting, strengthens the effect of alcohol and all sorts of psychotropic medications. It is not necessary to take it simultaneously with anticholinergic drugs, since they can weaken the action of metoclopramide. In addition, the drug "Cerucal" enhances the absorption of various kinds of antibiotics. You can not take it simultaneously with neuroleptic drugs, since in this case, the risk of extrapyramidal disorders increases.

Cerucal Injection

The drug "Cerucal". Analogues

There is quite a large numberanalogues of this drug. The same antiemetic effect is possessed by medications Domstal, Domet, Motinor, medications Metoclopramide, Damelyum, etc. Instead of Cerucal, you can take, for example, the medicine Itomed. In addition to antiemetic effect, this medication is able to eliminate heartburn. What medicine can the "Cerucal" preparation be replaced with? Analogues of it, such as, for example, the drug "Motilak", are also mostly for prescription. Medication "Motilak" helps with vomiting and nausea and relieves a symptom such as bloating. In addition, it helps with belching and heartburn. In the first trimester of pregnancy, as well as with lactation, it can be taken, unlike the preparation "Cerucal", but solely for the doctor's prescription.

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Medication "Motilak" can cause skin itchingand hives. In this it is very similar to the drug "Cerucal", whose analogues for the same action can cost more or less. So, the drug "Motilak" is sold in pharmacies for about 100-150 rubles. And the price for "Itomed" can reach up to 300 rubles.

Symptoms of overdose

In the case of uncontrolled use of the drug"Tserukal" can cause such unpleasant symptoms as irritability, confusion, drowsiness, decreased or increased pressure, anxiety, bradycardia, motor disorders. The consequences of an overdose disappear after about a day after the drug was withdrawn. The patient should be under the doctor's supervision during this period of time.

Cerucal instruction price

In the event that extrapyramidaldisorder, the doctor sometimes prescribes the drug "Biperiden". However, such an intervention can only be performed in a hospital setting. When a symptom of an overdose such as anxiety or irritability manifests, the patient is prescribed the drug "Diazepam". In the event that the patient has taken too much of the medicine "Cerucal", a gastric lavage is prescribed.

The drug "Cerucal", thus, can be considered quite effective. However, taking it without the appointment of a doctor is by no means worth it.