Facial massage as a general improvement procedure


All women dream of having a healthy, resilient,glowing from the inside of the skin of the face. Unfortunately, to achieve such a healthy state is not easy, because the skin is daily exposed to the influence of unfavorable external factors. Among them, weather conditions and poor environmental conditions. In addition, with age, muscles lose their tone, and the skin becomes dry. In this case, you need massage. For the face it is a very useful procedure that can reduce the influence of external factors and slow the aging of the skin. It is able to improve blood circulation, normalize metabolic processes and improve skin tone.

Massage has a deep millennial roots,there are unique techniques that are based on the ancient massage techniques of different cultures. In the cosmetic rooms make a different massage, for the face, as for other parts of the body, experts will select the right massage movements and cosmetic products appropriate to your skin type.

Massage differs in the types of movements. Soft stroking and rubbing the skin is a classic massage. For the face it is useful in case of presence of a fading and dehydrated skin. As additional cosmetics in this case, massage soap or cream is used. In the plastic form, rhythmic, pressing movements are used. Apply massage with a toned skin of the face with deep mimic folds, while it is carried out on talcum without the use of cosmetics. And, finally, Jacques face massage or pinch is also carried out on talcum and combines stroking, kneading, deep tweaks and vibration. With seborrhea, the presence of scars on the skin or thick epidermis, this massage is shown. For the face, it is usually recommended after a deep skin cleansing procedure.

Vacuum facial massage is carried out with the help ofspecial equipment. Its peculiarity is that its effect extends to the deeper layers of the skin. The duration of the procedure is about 10 minutes. Vacuum facial massage improves blood circulation and adjusts the lymph drainage, helps increase the production of elastin and collagen. After the first session, a positive effect is noticeable: the skin of the face becomes more elastic and refreshed. The procedure for vacuum facial massage has another positive effect. In connection with the impact on the biological points of the neck and face, the work of various organs associated with them is normalized.

Contraindications for carrying out vacuum massage are skin inflammations, vascular weakness and acne.

In facial massage, different means are used,increasing the effect of the procedure. One such means is honey. Honey facial massage affects not only the face skin, but also all organs of the human body. It is generally believed that a person's face reflects all the organs. Therefore, by massaging certain zones, it is possible to normalize the work of the internal organs of a person. Biologically active substances present in the honey make a positive impact on the receptors available in the layers of the skin. Thus, honey facial massage triggers a complex mechanism of healing the body. The most useful honey is honeycomb, as it is sealed with wax lids in honeycombs, it can be stored for a long time without losing its properties. It is recommended to use it for facial massage. The effect of honey is based on the deep cleaning of the pores of the skin. The movements during the massage are short-term pressure and release, this creates a vacuum effect to remove sebaceous plugs. For complete purification of pores and removal of layers of dead skin, it is recommended to conduct at least 10 sessions.

Contraindication for carrying out of honey massage for the face only one - an allergy on honey.