Compatibility: Duphaston and alcohol. Possible reaction of the body and opinion of specialists


Everyone has to takemedicines or vitamins. During the period of treatment you need to change your lifestyle in many ways. This article will discuss whether it is possible to drink tablets "Dyufaston" with alcohol.

compatibility of djufaston and alcohol

Appointment of the drug

To begin with it is necessary to say a few words about thismedicine. It is prescribed for the treatment of various hormonal diseases, for example: endometriosis, amenorrhoea, protracted menstrual period, uterine myoma. In addition, the drug is used in planning pregnancy and for its subsequent maintenance. Also, the medicine is used during an undesirable beginning of a miscarriage.

In a normal state, the hormone progesteroneis produced by the ovaries and adrenals. If the body is not working properly, the amount of excreted matter can be greatly reduced. In this case, and it is recommended to drink medicine "Dyufaston".

Dupuston and alcohol compatibility

Compatibility: "DUFASTON" and alcohol

Quite often there are situations when a personhave to drink alcohol. It happens on corporate parties, noisy parties and serious solemn events. What kind of pill "Dufaston" and alcohol compatibility and consequences? Let's try to look at this question from different angles.

What does the manufacturer say?

Duphaston tablets and alcohol compatibilityhave. Such a conclusion can be made after a careful study of the instructions. In most cases, if a drug is prohibited for mixing with alcoholic beverages, this information is indicated in the annotation.

In the instructions to the tablets "Dyufaston" does not say eitherwords about the prohibition of alcohol. This means that, according to the manufacturer, with the simultaneous use of these substances, nothing terrible will happen. So, what compatibility does Dufaston have with alcohol in this case? Absolute!

The reaction of the liver

It is worth noting that all drugs pass throughhuman liver. It acts as a so-called filter and does not allow large doses of harmful substances to enter the body. Do Dufaston and alcohol have compatibility with this body?

Dupuston and alcohol compatibility and effects

This question is strictly negative. The active substance tablets (hormone progesterone), getting into the liver, reacts with its enzymes. After that, it splits and gets to the right place.

At the use even small doses of alcoholicdrink, the substance also penetrates the liver and somewhat changes its enzymes. As a result of this reaction, an incorrect action of the drug may occur. In addition, it will be adversely affected by such an important organ for the body.

The reaction of the gastrointestinal tract

Do DUFASTON compatibility and alcohol withthis side? The active substance of the drug (progesterone) has a relaxing effect on all the muscles of the abdominal cavity. That is why often women complain of frequent chair during treatment.

Alcohol is a toxin from which the bodytries to get rid of it as quickly as possible. That's why after a stormy party a person notes a quickened liquid stool. In this way, his body tries to purify himself.

With the concomitant use of this drug and alcohol, diarrhea or vomiting may occur. At the same time, the elimination of the drug will decrease and the therapeutic effect will not be achieved.

Are dyufastone and alcohol compatible in one organism?

Drug withdrawal

Do they have DUFASTON compatibility and alcohol on this side? To begin with it is necessary to say that the time for the removal of synthetic progesterone from the human body is about 12 hours.

After drinking alcohol, the vessels expand, andthe blood begins to circulate faster. It would seem that there is nothing wrong with this. But the active substance of the drug "Dufaston" due to these processes is eliminated from the body much faster.

With this outcome of events, a woman can simply lose less than the dose of a medicinal substance she needs. In this case, treatment will be ineffective.

Opinion of physicians

Are "Dufaston" and alcohol compatible in onebody, according to experts? Definitely not. This drug is prescribed for the treatment of diseases that depend on the production of estrogens. Progesterone inhibits the release of this substance and normalizes the hormonal background of the woman. In alcoholic beverages contains a large number of phytohormones, which are similar in composition to estrogens. That is why the simultaneous use of these substances will not lead to a positive effect of treatment.

It is also worth noting that the medicine is prescribedwomen in the planning of pregnancy and for its maintenance. Future mums are strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages. They can have an irreparable effect on the future child and the condition of the body as a whole.

Can I drink pills with alcohol


If you can not give up alcoholdrinks because of possible questions and gossip, then give preference to a glass of red wine. Dilute it with drinking water or ice. Remember that a portion of alcohol should not be large. Try to stretch this glass for the whole evening.

Also, carefully calculate the time. The break between the reception of tablets "DUFASTON" and alcohol should not be less than two hours. And even more so you can not drink medicine with a liquid containing ethanol. Wait until the tablet is completely dissolved in the stomach. Treat properly and do not neglect the appointment of specialists.