Eliminate white pimples on the face.


Wrong nutrition, poor skin care,the environment and the surplus of secreted sebum, through the fault of all these factors, white acne on the face becomes a problem not only for adolescents, but also for many adults. This disease with varying degrees of intensity affects any area of ​​our body. They are provoked by the presence of diseases of the stomach and intestines, problems with the endocrine system and the presence of any disturbances in the hormonal background.

Predominantly white pimples on the facelocalized in the cheeks, temples and eyelids. It is in these places that the increased activity of the sebaceous glands is observed. Often, their appearance contributes to a sharp change in ambient temperatures, the abundance of cosmetics, especially poor quality, and poor skin cleansing. In difficult situations, a doctor's consultation is recommended. White pimples on the face can be removed using a series of procedures in the cosmetic cabinet. There is a manual and hardware way to clean the pores. The manual method is similar to the home methods of acne removal, but all cosmetic and hygienic precautions are observed here. For better opening of pores, the skin is carefully steamed, and then with the help of sterile napkins the pimples on the face are removed.

The hardware cleaning can be ultrasonic,chemical and vacuum. With the help of ultrasonic cleaning, contaminants are removed from the pores on the surface of the skin and immediately removed. It also helps to renew the upper layer of the epidermis, improve blood supply and is especially recommended for restoring the elasticity of the skin. With the help of dry cleaning, white acne on the face is removed together with the rods. Penetrating substances under the skin, most often it is lactic, glycolic, malic or oleic acids, completely dissolve them. Vacuum cleaning is similar to manual cleaning of pores, but here all the actions are performed with the help of a special preparation. Often, it is combined with a manual method of cleaning, since in the most difficult areas the force of its impact may not be enough. It is recommended as a tonic, has lymphatic drainage and massage effect.

Methods of skin cleansing are sufficient and if desiredwhite pimples on the face can be removed and at home. Carry out such an operation with the utmost care, observing all necessary precautions and using only sterile instruments. With the help of a needle, the base of the acne breaks, and then its contents are removed with a sterile tissue. The puncture site must be disinfected with iodine tincture.

Do not forget that even aftercareful cleaning of white acne on the face may reappear. Only an integrated approach is needed here. From the diet should be completely eliminated fried, fatty and smoked. It requires cleansing of the liver and intestines, constant diet and competent treatment. Violation of the secretion of the sebaceous glands causes a deficiency in the body of zinc. Use such drugs as Differin and Skinoren, and in the menu include red meat and as many seafood as possible.

The diet should be carefully balanced andfilled with the necessary amount of B vitamins, as well as the so-called vitamins of beauty A, D and C. The rapid healing of acne and the removal of inflammation contributes to compliance with daily intake of vitamin B3. A moderate amount of sunburn, and hence vitamin D intake, has the most beneficial effect on the skin condition. Well cures pimples on the face of the nettle. It is filled with a number of vitamins necessary for our body, has a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect. To normalize the metabolism, remove all toxins and toxins, take a nettle decoction for at least four to five weeks daily.

Every person has white spots on his face appearingfor various reasons, and a template treatment scheme can not be selected. The best solution would be to examine a specialist who will compare the severity of the disease with its duration, as well as the age and sex of the patient.