Osteomyelitis. Treatment of the disease


Any damage to the bones is susceptible toof their infections, which causes the initiation of such a dangerous disease as osteomyelitis. Treatment of this disease - the process is quite time-consuming and lengthy. What is osteomyelitis? What treatments exist?

Osteomyelitis is an inflammatory infectious disease. All bone parts are affected: bone marrow (myelitis); bone (ostitis); periosteum (periostitis).


The main pathogens areStaphylococcus or other bacteria (fungi, rickettsia). Bacteria can penetrate the bone marrow through blood vessels from places of purulent infection of the body (furunculosis, purulent sore throat). Such osteomyelitis is called hematogenous.

Osteomyelitis, whose treatment is importanta place in medicine, can arise as a result of injuries received from gunshot wounds and fractures, after infection of soft tissues, when the infection penetrates into the bone through open wounds. This form is called traumatic or wound osteomyelitis.

The disease can be both acute and severe chronic.

Signs and ways to identify the disease

The main signs of the disease are: aching pain in the place of development of the disease, which is amplified during the movement of the limbs; redness and swelling in infected areas, increasing the temperature of the patient (the temperature can rise to 40 degrees, most often in the evening).

Hematogenous form of the disease is considered the mostinsidious. The patient can not immediately understand the cause of his poor health, and the disease at this time is rapidly progressing. Literally after a few days the general condition of the patient worsens, the skin becomes yellow, eyes fall, lips turn blue, dips in the mind occur, delirium and cramps appear. Hematogenous osteomyelitis, whose treatment was not performed at the initial stage of the disease, can lead to death of a person.

Traumatic osteomyelitis quite often fromacute form (pain in the place of injury, fever) goes into chronic osteomyelitis, the treatment of which often requires surgical intervention. In the chronic stage, the patient's condition is normal, fistulas appear in the area of ​​infection, through which pus and decomposition products of internal tissues leave. This form can lead to blood poisoning.

The presence of an infection can show a blood test(the level of ESR increases and the number of leukocytes). Signs of osteomyelitis often coincide with the symptoms of other infectious diseases, so for an accurate determination, the patient should be assigned an analysis for the presence of bacteria and X-rays. In some cases (very rarely) bone puncture is prescribed.

Osteomyelitis - treatment

The acute form of the disease is treated by carrying outantibiotic therapy. The type of antibiotic is selected individually after the tests on the sensitivity of bacteria to the drug, only then treatment is prescribed. If after a few days the patient's condition improves, then the drug is injected into the blood intravenously or into the infection site.

In the presence of wounds and fistulas, dailydressings. The wound is washed and disinfected with an antiseptic solution. Then a bandage is applied. The dressing can be quick-drying with the use of sodium chloride 10% or a solution of furacilin or dry with the use of ointments (Levomikol, Vishnevsky ointment).

In combination with antibiotic therapy, the patient canLocal washings of the wound using drainage or intraosseous washing with sodium chloride solution and antibiotics should be prescribed. Such procedures provide the most rapid disposal of pus and other products of internal rotting, which provides an acceleration of recovery processes.

The chronic form of the disease quite often requiressurgical intervention. During the operation, the patient is opened and cleaned up the infected wound, the necrotic tissues are removed. If the lesion is severe, resection of the bone can be performed.

Osteomyelitis - treatment with folk remedies

As an addition to the basic, traditional methodSome traditional medicine can be used. As a therapeutic drink, it is possible to use propolis alcohol tincture, tincture from mountain arnica flowers.

As compresses - aloe, propolis, a decoction of oat straw.

Traditional medicine, of course, can not replacetreatment with antibiotics, but can affect the course of the disease and accelerate the recovery of unpleasant symptoms. But it is worth remembering that the use of any national recipes requires the obligatory consultation of the treating specialist.