Care of pets. Drops from fleas


Owners of dogs and cats know how muchtrouble their pets bring fleas. Not only that these bloodsuckers create discomfort to the animal and its owner, they can still become the source of a number of dangerous diseases. It is not a secret for anyone that fleas must be disposed of in the shortest possible time.

If you follow these parasitesmore closely, it is possible to identify their addiction to the thick animal hair, here is the optimal place for laying larvae. For an adult female it is quite realistic to postpone 10-15 testes. It takes a week or two, and larvae appear. One and a half weeks is needed to turn them into pupae, and within a week adult parasites begin their malicious activities. The adult is brown and the small one is black. Leaping fleas are extraordinary, these parasites are able to jump thirty centimeters in length and 18-20 centimeters in height. The average duration of their life is from three to four months.

You can fight with fleas in several ways. The most widespread recently received special shampoos, collars, sprays and drops from fleas. If the collars have a preventive effect, shampoos and sprays are designed to remove fleas and provide long-term protection. That's only after applying shampoos, the animal needs to be carefully bought out. Otherwise, your pet can, by licking himself, seriously poison himself.

Drops from fleas are applied to the skin of an animal in the withers area. As a result, both larvae and adults die. After two hours you can wash the animal, and the drug retains its effect for a month.

Applying drops from fleas, you need to take into account the weightyour animal. The drug "Advantage 40" is suitable for adult animals, and for puppies weighing up to four kilograms. You can use this tool and as a drop from fleas for cats. Advantage in appearance is a liquid of yellow color, transparent. The composition of the drug includes imidacloprid and a number of auxiliary components.

When used properly, these fleacause no side effects or complications. They are suitable for healthy puppies and kittens, as well as for pregnant and lactating females, for sick or weakened and old animals.

Effective drops from fleas for dogs - drug"Leopard". Its action extends against fleas, lice, hairworms (withers), sarcopthoid and ixodid ticks that parasitize on dogs. The drug is shown for sarcoptosis, entomosis, noctroidosis and when ixodid ticks are detected.

It is not recommended to use "Leopard" for animalswith increased individual sensitivity to permethrin. You can not use the drug for pregnant and lactating females, sick and weak animals, puppies under 10 weeks and weighing up to 2 kg.

Depending on the weight of the dog, the dosage of the preparation is selected according to the directions of the table on the package.

The next means, which is used, asDrops from fleas for dogs is the drug "Hartz". These are separate sets designed for animals of different weights. These are insect-acaricidal drops, the action of which is directed against fleas, mosquitoes and ticks. It is not recommended to use the product for puppies under 12 weeks.

As active active substances in droplets "Hartz" is used fenotrin and S-methoprene. Different sets differ in the concentration of these substances.

The fight against parasites should be carried out incomplex. To destroy bloodsuckers, which are directly in the animal's wool, one means are used, and for the treatment of premises - others. As a rule, these are special aerosols. Treatment and treatment is carried out in conjunction with a series of measures of the sanitary and hygienic plan. They boil down to complete cleaning of premises, washing of soft things in hot water. Cleaning should be done before using the spray. It is repeated after 4-5 days. If necessary, the procedure for sanitation of the premises is repeated.