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health resort Tsyurupy
Ancient multi-profile health resort Tsyurupyis one of the most visited and sought-after places in the Voronezh region. The health resort has been active for 87 years (the year of foundation was 1927). For such a long period, it has established itself not only as an excellent holiday home, but also a medical center. More recently, the complex carried out design repairs, and erected new premises.

The residential building for VIP persons was reconstructed,a dance club and a drinking gallery were updated. An entirely new dining area was built for the guests. After cardinal changes the sanatorium named after Tsyurupy (Voronezh region) became even more beautiful. The resort can be visited at any time of the year. The peak of vacationers falls on the summer months, so if you want to save on the voucher, we recommend that you visit the hotel in the off-season at a reduced price.

General information

health resort Tsyurupy (Voronezh)

The modern health resort Tsyurupy (Voronezh)located in the most picturesque place on the coast of the river. Ikorets. The vegetative park zone with fan alleys, birch clearings, rare trees and unique landscape design adds to the chic and attractiveness. This heavenly place receives annually more than 10 thousand visitors.

People come here for carelessness,dimensionality and treatment. The boarding house was one of the first to receive international certificates for health procedures. Here work the best specialists with a huge medical experience. Some doctors are known even abroad.

health resort Tsyurupy reviews


Five buildings are built on the territory. Guests can book luxury rooms (suites) with original design, modern furniture and appliances. All rooms are equipped to meet the needs of customers.

There is a spacious loggia, from which a breathtaking panorama of the well-groomed territory opens. There is a bathroom with a shower (hot / cold water) in the rooms, as well as a TV and necessary furniture.

Supply system

The cost of the tour includesfour meals a day. The menu is custom-made and according to the "buffet" system. Patients with gastrointestinal diseases are offered balanced dietary meals. The composition and volume of products are selected individually. Serving is carried out in the new dining room, which is located a few steps from the residential buildings.

Also, the health resort Tsyurupy has its ownbar under the poetic name "Orchid". The restaurant is tasty and well entertained. Here you can have a fun evening with a glass of fine wine. There is a karaoke, a dance floor and a billiard room.

Medical-diagnostic services

There are rooms in the boarding housegastroenterologist, psychotherapist, urologist, neurologist, cardiologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist and pediatrician. Doctors of the highest category have specially developed effective therapeutic measures: "Cleansing the body", "Antistress", "Anti-cellulite" and "Loss".

Tsyurupy health resort

Actively used for the treatment of mineral water«Ikoretskaya». Practice shows that it restores the secretory work of the digestive tract. The programs include dry air, pearl, carbon dioxide, sea, radon, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide, iodide-bromine and aromatic baths.

Prescribed hydrocolonotherapy and shower-massage forwater (Charcot, ascending and circular). Therapy is possible without electrosleep treatment, paraffinotherapy, mud therapy, oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, speleotherapy and inhalations with the use of medicinal herbs. Necessary to conduct therapeutic gymnastics, Nordic walking, training in the water. On this medical procedures do not end.

health resort Tsuryupy (Voronezh region)


Sanatorium Tsurupy provides treatment for variousdirections. Here specialists of different profiles work. The treatment of patients with pathologies of the nervous, pulmonary, digestive and cardiovascular systems is provided. Under special programs, gynecological, urological and musculoskeletal diseases are treated. Help in the dispensary to people with excess body weight. For a couple of weeks it is possible to normalize the condition and improve health.


beach in Tsyurupy sanatorium

After the procedures of tourists expect an interestingcultural and mass program, which includes concerts, watching movies and visiting reserved places. Regularly, the health resort Tsyurupy organizes youth discos, play activities and evenings of humor. Connoisseurs of the literary genre are waiting for a library with a comfortable reading room and a rich fund of popular magazines, newspapers and books.

Periodically, cognitive encounters withwriters and talks on art. Holidaymakers will be able to show their creative abilities at a concert fair. For active guests, there is a gym, table tennis and sports grounds. In summer, there is a beach with a boat dock and a swimming pool.

The infrastructure of the dispensary is sufficientis diverse. To visitors of a savings bank, newspaper and trading benches, there is a shoe shop and a rolling point of a sporting equipment. On the territory there is a beauty salon with manicure and pedicure rooms.

Children's leisure

To the health center of Tzurupy it is allowed to come withyoung children from 4 years. For toddlers there are separate health and entertainment programs. The children's playground is open all year round, where children can play mobile games, ride on carousels and do not interfere with their parents.

swimming pool in the health resort of Tsyurupy (Voronezh)

For teens, a hall with video games andcreative club "Star Factory", helping children to show their acting talents, to be liberated and to learn the secrets of behind-the-scenes life. Regularly on the territory of the boarding house, various quizzes and competitions of the best drawings are arranged, as well as sports competitions. Your children will be under the supervision of an experienced educator who will train, entertain and instill love for the world around him.

No matter how colorful and eloquent we describedthis boarding house, yet the dry text will never convey the real emotions that you can experience from visiting this institution. Sanatorium Tsyurupy reviews from tourists gets enthusiastic. Many people come here every year to escape from the worldly bustle and enjoy the holiday.