Sanatorium "Ocean", Vladivostok: photo, reviews of tourists


One of the most famous is already a few dozenyears of health resorts of Primorye is the sanatorium "Ocean" near Vladivostok. It is located in a picturesque place - on the shore of the Amur Bay of the Sea of ​​Japan. The suburbs of Vladivostok are the sanatorium-resort zone Sadgorod. It attracts guests from all over the Far East. After all, here is life-giving, clean air, magnificent landscapes and a comfortable beach. And the sanatorium "Ocean" itself is famous for its modern medical base, experienced doctors and a wide profile of medical procedures.

General characteristics of the sanatorium

This place is a popular place forrecovery of all residents of the Far East. Sanatorium "Ocean" of Vladivostok is a great opportunity for them to improve their health and improve their vitality. Here all conditions for a pleasant rest and effective treatment are created.

Sanatorium offers weekend tours,stay in a hotel and treatment for a period of two days. There are different options for the cost of recreation from 2700 thousand rubles to 7500. To accommodate guests are offered comfortable rooms in a modern 9-storey building. Even the standard cheapest accommodation options offer a cozy room with a balcony, TV and fridge, an electric kettle and a bathroom with a shower. And the rooms "Lux", in addition, contain more comfortable upholstered furniture, air conditioning, dishes and a computer.

To the services of holidaymakers (except for medical procedures) -sauna, solarium, billiards and many more entertainments. For children there is a playground, a games room with educators. A five-time meal is organized in the dining room of the sanatorium. The diet is dietary, it is chosen individually for each patient depending on its disease.

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Where is the sanatorium "Ocean"

Vladivostok is famous for its unique healingmud. Therefore, in its suburbs there is a cozy sanatorium-resort zone - Sadgorod. This settlement is, as already mentioned above, in a picturesque place on the shore of the Amur Bay. The distance from the center of the city to it is only 18 km, you can reach the sanatorium on an ordinary city bus.

Places in Sadgorod are picturesque. A beautiful forest park zone is surrounded by the sanatorium "Ocean" of Vladivostok. Photos show that you can sit on a bench near beautiful flower beds, take a walk along the paths of a shady park and even swim in a beautifully equipped beach. The water in this place is clean, because the sanatorium is located on the shore of the bay.

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What is being treated in a sanatorium

"Ocean" specializes in the treatment of diseasesdigestive system, in particular - the intestine. The main direction of the sanatorium is a coloproctology, which studies diseases of the rectum and anus. All medical procedures and medical equipment are in accordance with the latest achievements in this field. But in addition, the sanatorium can be treated and other diseases. They effectively cope with such pathologies:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • pathologies of the musculoskeletal system;
  • disturbances in metabolic processes;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • nervous diseases;
  • diseases of the gynecological and urological profile.

In addition to examination and general healthtreatment, the sanatorium offers special treatment programs: "Healthy joints", "Easy gait", "Free breathing", "Antistress", "Extra weight is not for me", "Happy baby" and others. There are services of a plastic surgeon and cosmetologist.

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Therapeutic base

Sanatorium "Ocean" of Vladivostok uses the mostmodern equipment and the latest achievements of medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. There is an opportunity to do ultrasound, ECG, MRI, to determine the cause of heart rhythm disturbances. For treatment natural and physiotherapeutic procedures are used:

  • hydrotherapy with the implementation of nitrogen, mineral, turpentine, aromatic, salt baths, Charcot's shower, hydromassage or circular shower;
  • widely used local therapeutic mud for inhalations, tampons and applications, the procedure of galvanic mud or electrophoresis is popular;
  • in the sanatorium there is a modern equipment for physiotherapy: for EHF, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, microwave and quantum therapy;
  • for ingestion and for enemas used imported mineral water "Shmakovsky narzan";
  • in addition to the recovery used vibrosauna, Ketler's solarium, inhalation, light therapy and a unique biomagnetic chamber, developed by Dr. Savin.
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Services and Entertainment

Not only comfortable rest and efficienttreatment offers a sanatorium "Ocean" of Vladivostok. Reviews of tourists note that here you can comfortably take a nap on the weekends. Even if you do not take into account the proximity of the beach and picturesque views of nature, stay in the sanatorium will be remembered for everyone. Here everything is thought out for an interesting and comfrestable holiday for every guest, regardless of his age. Modern 5D-cinema and a hall of slot machines, a gym, a library and even a chapel will allow to spend time with advantage, to relax and have a rest.

In addition, the sanatorium "Ocean" of Vladivostokoffers to visit a cozy sauna or bar with karaoke, play billiards or tennis and even go fishing - there is a small pond with carp in the territory. This place is famous for its unique indoor pool with sea water. Therefore, vacationers can swim all the year round. In addition, the sanatorium has a cozy winter garden.

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Sanatorium "Ocean" Vladivostok: reviews

Most holidaymakers stay hereleft a good memory. Guests note the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, the cleanliness and roominess of the rooms. Everyone likes that there is a pool with warm sea water, an opportunity to play tennis and billiards, a sauna and a SPA-capsule. People come here not only to have a rest, but also to receive medical treatment. Unique sea mud mud helps to get rid of many problems. Some people turn to a sanatorium not in order to improve their health, but to become more beautiful, as there are good plastic surgeons and services of cosmetologists.

In general, the impression of staying at the sanatorium "Ocean" remains pleasant. This is the most popular holiday destination for residents of the Far East.