Lemon essential oil: properties and uses


Knowledge is known to be a great force. So, for example, what do people know about essential oils today? In general terms, we can say about 100% natural composition, about their extreme usefulness and almost complete harmlessness. Usually these are transparent liquids (colorless or colored), characterized by a high degree of volatility (usually a density of less than 1). These substances do not dissolve in water, but it is perfectly done in alcohol, wax, fats and other organic liquids and oils.

However, these are nothing more than general words. Today we will try to learn as much as possible about such a substance as lemon essential oil, the properties and application of which provide food for serious reflection.

Technology of production

The raw material for obtaining the finished product is fresh lemon peel. Natural lemon essential oil is produced using the cold pressing method.

essential oil of lemon

At present, differentmechanisms, but the product of the best quality is obtained by manual spinning. The prepared raw material is squeezed out, and the result of this process is an essential oil containing a small amount of juice. The resulting composition is defended until the lemon essential oil, the properties of which are widely known, does not rise to the surface, from which it is removed.

Is it possible to receive at home?

Nothing is impossible. At home, it is possible to get a small amount of good quality product. The most accessible mechanism for this is a new crusher for garlic (that is, one that has never been used for its intended purpose). Before proceeding to the "production process", it is worthwhile to check the absence on the fruits of lemons of a special composition, which is sometimes used to protect the fruit from premature spoilage during prolonged storage. If this is not done, then the essential oil of a lemon, the properties of which do not match the declared ones due to the presence of foreign components, will not be usable.

The main constituents of lemon oil

A sufficiently large multicomponentthe essential oil of lemon is characterized. Its composition includes such substances as citral and citronellal, limonene, linalool and linalyl acetate, pinene, geraniol, camphene. All these components are generally considered fragrant compounds and are used mostly as flavors in perfumery and food industry. Citral, in addition, has anti-inflammatory properties, is used as an antiseptic and lowering blood pressure, is included in the composition of medicines for the treatment of the eyes.

But the linalool, which enters the essential oil of lemon,reviews of specialists are not very positive. This substance, often included in shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other detergents, can provoke eczema in people and a lot of other allergic manifestations.

Properties of substance

Known are absolutely unique effects thathas essential oil of lemon. The properties and its application to combat viral and respiratory infections will allow a person to feel the bactericidal, antiseptic and disinfectant effects of the lemon "doctor". It can be used to lower temperature and fight against viruses. Oil can also effectively stimulate immunity. Antirheumatic, decongestant, diuretic and tonic effects of essential oil are well known to those skilled in the art. Regular intake of oil can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood and lower blood pressure, have antitoxic and hemostatic effect, positively manifest themselves in varicose and cellulite.

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In addition, the substance has a bleaching, analgesic and antispasmodic effect.

Area of ​​influence

The aromatic properties of lemon oil - by no meansnot the only, so to say, utility, characteristic for this substance. During the various scientific studies it was revealed that the slowing down of the enzyme elastase is one of the possibilities that lemon essential oil possesses. The properties and application of it to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin will help to delay the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of apparent wilting. This curative substance stimulates the growth of new nerve cells, helps to tone the skin with signs of aging.

Further, it is very effective to use ethericLemon oil for the skin of a fatty type, because it can lead to a normal process of sebum secretion, clean and narrow pores. However, do not think that for people with other skin this substance is useless. A wide range of effects of lemon oil makes it possible to use it for any skin type.

An excellent antiviral effect is possessed byessential oil of lemon. The experts' comments bring to the attention of consumers information about the stable positive effect in the treatment of diseases such as chicken pox, measles, herpes, influenza-like infections, viral hepatitis.

essential oil of lemon composition

Vegeto-vascular dystonia and food poisoning,diseases of the oral cavity (periodontitis, stomatitis), metabolic disorders in the body, kidney stones and gall bladder, obesity and cellulite, rheumatism and arthritis - for all these diseases, essential lemon oil as a component of complex therapy will be quite effective.

In addition, frequent use of lemon essential oilfor lightening hair, to treat brittle hair and nails, to get rid of dandruff, all kinds of pigment spots and freckles, a vascular network on the surface of the skin. A good positive effect will be the use of oil in cases of furunculosis, warts, lichens and cracks in the skin. The use of lemon oil will help to normalize the formula of the blood and get rid of dizziness, nausea and overwork.

Are there any contraindications?

As with any not only medicinal, but alsocosmetic substance, there are contraindications and with such a means as essential oil of lemon. The properties and application of it without first learning the instructions can lead to the development of a negative effect when used (for example, when outdoors in cloudless weather). The reason lies in the ability of the oil to increase the sensitivity of the skin to the influence of UV radiation. In its pure form, use of the substance is undesirable, it is better to do it in a mixture with natural creams, vegetable oils or products obtained at home. An exception can be made only in the process of treating such skin diseases as warts, lichen or herpes. In these cases, a drop of pure oil is applied to the affected focus, trying to avoid getting onto healthy skin areas.

It is inadmissible to use ethereal lemon oil inthe course of chemotherapy. Well, individual hypersensitivity to the components that make up the substance is a contraindicated for the use of essential oil.

Facial care

In modern cosmetology, essential oil of lemon is very widely used, the properties and application of which help to achieve a positive effect in solving a wide variety of skin problems.

If skin care is carried out regularly and using natural vegetable oils, then it makes sense to add up to 2 drops of lemon oil to one tablespoon of the base.

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As mentioned earlier, apply itis tolerated by people with any type of skin. The only question is, what kind of result does a person strive to achieve. For example, to effectively care for oily skin, experts recommend using grape seed oil, which is added a few drops of lemon.

If the skin with already emerging signs of wiltingand wrinkles, lemon oil (a few drops) is injected into any of the following oils: peach, olive, coconut, castor, dog rose or avocado oil.

In case the skin is dark, and you want to give it a slightly lighter shade, lighten the essential oil of the lemon, adding a few drops of it to the oil obtained from the sea-buckthorn.

You can also mix lemon oil with homemade creams and face masks (the ratio of a single dose of cream to the number of drops of lemon oil is 1: 1).

Home face masks

For those who are fond of their own handsthe preparation of various cosmetics, too, it will be important information that in almost any composition, it is permissible to introduce no more than 2 drops of lemon oil. Even if there are currently no problems with the skin, the mask with essential oil of lemon, used regularly, will help to move for an indefinite time the moment of the first signs of wilting. In general, recipes for masks with the use of lemon oil, there are a great many.

mask with essential oil of lemon

Here and the solution of problems with oily skin, and rejuvenating skin masks with signs of wilting, and masks for improving the complexion and compositions for clarifying freckles.

Healthy hair - an indicator of the health of the whole body

Among consumers there is an opinion that ifto apply essential oil of lemon for lightening of hair, after a few sessions they will become not only lighter, but will be smooth and shiny. Blondes after several sessions of hair rinses with the addition of lemon oil will be pleasantly surprised by the appearance of a platinum shade. The easiest way to strengthen hair is that every day, after washing your head, you need to apply a few drops of ethereal lemon oil on the comb and carefully comb your hair.

To achieve a more pronounced and lasting effect, you can apply hair masks (as well as for the face).

The most popular hair mask recipe

Using lemon essential oil masks recipeshelp to quickly achieve positive results, they are known to a large number of consumers. In order to stimulate hair growth, strengthen the roots and get rid of dandruff, the following composition is used: castor and almond oils (2 and 1 tbsp respectively) and lemon oil (3 drops). The mixture obtained from these components is heated in a water bath and rubbed into the scalp. Then they put on a polyethylene hat and for a quarter of an hour they wrap their head with a towel. Then everything is washed off.

Other ways of applying lemon oil

At present, radio broadcasting is widely usedlemon oil for nails. Prevention and treatment of fungal and other lesions, nourishment of the nails and their moisturizing, giving a healthy color - all this is under the power of lemon oil. Daily baths, in which add a few drops of lemon oil, make the nail plate lighter, give it a well-groomed appearance. The course of therapy should be 7 days.

essential oil of lemon for nails

Baths can be done once a week, but the coursethen it should last 2-3 months, after which it is necessary to take a break. To apply essential oil of a lemon for nails under other scheme (more often and more longly) it is impossible, differently a nail plate is overdried, it is exhausted, on it cracks and exfoliating sites can appear. Lemon oil not only has a beneficial effect on the nails themselves, but also softens the skin around them, improves its condition, stimulates the regeneration process of skin cells.

Another area in which the ethericlemon oil bath. Steam baths with the addition of this substance are effective for catarrhal diseases (nose will breathe very soon), have a toning effect, heal the wounds and rashes on the body, improve blood circulation.

Since the water in the oil (and lemon even)they do not dissolve, they are premixed with sea salt, honey, cream, natural yoghurt. For taking a bath (the time is 15 minutes, the temperature is not more than 38 degrees), enough will be 10-15 drops of oil.

Household applications

Use lemon essential oil for hair(reviews about the results are impressive), nails, skin (in cosmetology) - this, of course, a lot, but not all. Lemon oil is an effective remedy able to prevent the spread of infection in a home where there is a patient. Aromalamp or a few drops, sprayed with water, protect the inhabitants of the house from infection.

essential oil of lemon properties and application

A positive effect will be obtained in the fight against moths and ants. Pillow, soaked in 10-15 drops of lemon essential oil, will make insects look for another place "for living."