Poljutsija it ...


The process of transition is sexually and physicallyunprepared child's organism to the adult human organism is considered a period of puberty or transition from childhood to adolescence. Usually puberty occurs at the age of 15-16, from this moment, reproduction is possible. By 22-25 years the peak of development of sexual functions of the human body is reached, lasting approximately up to 45 years. From 45 to 55 years - the average age, then, respectively, the elderly and senile, accompanied by extinction of sexual activity. The figures given can vary, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

One of the characteristic features of sexualmaturation is considered to be a pollination, this is the process that usually occurs in children aged 13-15 years. It is known that puberty in adolescents can be in the range of 1-5 years. the process takes place in different ways. Changes occurring in the body cause additional troubles, which can provoke the depressed state of the adolescent. Against the background of puberty prostate gland is gradually filled with a liquid secret and there is a sexual tension with which the pole is connected. What happens to the body, the teenager learns after an involuntary eruption of this fluid. Such involuntary eruptions are observed most often in a dream, without interruption. These phenomena, common for adolescence and adolescence, cease with a systematic sexual life.

The nocturnal pole can also be in adults, usuallyit is the result of prolonged abstinence. Episodic secretions of liquid secretion in adults perform a protective function, relieving the psyche of fixation on a sexual topic. Stimulant polotsii can be abundant food, warm underwear and even a blanket, in addition, drunk at night a large amount of fluid will press on the prostate and cause a corresponding reaction. Studies show that the manifestations of the polonium occur approximately once a week in adolescents and once a month in adults. And with sexual abstinence in adults, they occur more often.

So, the pole is a spontaneous eruptiona seed that occurs not only in sleep, but also during wakefulness. The reason for daytime flooding can be a naked body, a frank posture, i.e. all that can cause erotic arousal even in the absence of sexual contact. There are situations when the stimuli of the poles are powerful psychoemotions (fear, suicide, etc.), and even riding in crowded transport.

Polutia is not an abnormal phenomenon, it isconfirmation of the natural activity of the sex gland. We can assume that the pole is a preventive tool for removing stagnant phenomena in the prostate gland. Although the excessive manifestation of such phenomena, especially with regular sexual activity, should alert. In this case, a person becomes pale, a clumsy figure, memory dips and physical weakness are observed. If there is a breakdown in the reproductive system, treatment and prevention requires a change in the way of life. To do this, you need to temper the body (contrast shower), practice the early recovery in the morning, do not abuse alcohol, rest on a hard bed, move a lot, eat less and lead a fairly active lifestyle.

Polutia is a voluptuous sensation, but,despite this, sometimes with dysfunction of the genital area requires its cessation, for this purpose, use small doses of bromine. In general, Frank Sinatra is a sample for many men, because, having lived to an advanced age, he still experienced poles.