Bruxism - what is it? The causes and treatment of bruxism in children and adults


The condition in which a person involuntarily contracts his teeth and there is a scraping, known in medicine as bruxism. What is this - a bad habit or a sign of some kind of malfunctioning in the body?

Although this phenomenon of mortal danger is notrepresents, but gives a lot of trouble to a person. Such uncontrolled chewing movements, which most often occur during a night's sleep, create increased loads on the temporomandibular joint. As a result, enamel is damaged, teeth are erased and loosened. In addition, the night creak teeth adversely affects the muscles, joints, the emotional state of a person, and simply prevents sleeping around.

bruxism what is it

Symptoms are worse in stressful situations,hard work. Most often, children suffer from this disease, but it also occurs in adults. The disease is equally affected by men and women. At any age, bruxism can arise. The reasons and treatment for this phenomenon are described in this article.

Causes of the disease

The causes of such an unpleasant phenomenon most oftenthere are defects in the structure of the jaw, joint pathology, dental problems, as well as psycho-emotional factors. Many believe that a tooth grinding in a dream indicates the presence of worms in the body. This theory has the right to life, because with parasitic intoxication, there is a lack of B-vitamins, which are responsible for emotional stability.

According to psychologists, provokethe emergence of the disease can stress, neurosis, depression. In this state, the human face and temporomandibular muscles are strained, teeth are strongly compressed. In the afternoon, pathology is still susceptible to control, and in the dream it is manifested by gnashing of teeth. Under stress, this phenomenon is periodic. With neuroses, which are a consequence of prolonged nervous tension, bruxism in adults is more often and painfully manifested. The cause and treatment in this case are obvious. It is necessary to stabilize the emotional state of a person.

bruxism in adults cause and treatment

Bruxism in adults may indicate the presence ofcomplexes at a subconscious level. Perhaps a person can not solve something in life, and this becomes the cause of anger, internal tension. It is possible that this problem is the result of repressed aggression. A well-educated person does not allow himself to throw out emotions, pushes problems inside, which finds an outlet during sleep and manifests itself in a night screech.

Bruxism can be observed in a person whosuffers from sleepwalking, apnea, it happens that the patient is just tortured by nightmares. Dental creaking can be accompanied by serious disruptions in the work of the nervous system.

Dental problems, such asincorrect bite, uncomfortable dentures or braces, poorly installed seals, can also provoke the development of a disease such as bruxism in adults. The cause and treatment in this case are determined by the dentist.

Provoke the development of the disease can swellingor brain trauma, vitamin deficiency, the presence of bad habits, the fascination with antidepressants, hypnotics, not the least role is played by hereditary factors.

Symptoms of the disease

The most important sign of bruxism isloud gnashing of teeth in a dream. This lasts a few seconds or minutes, can be repeated several times during the night. The attack begins suddenly. The disease can be accompanied by anxiety and tension, eating disorders, insomnia, irritability. Often this phenomenon accompanies stress and depression.

In addition, a person suffering from bruxism may experience headaches, pain in the ears, an increase in the sensitivity of the teeth and the formation of cracks in them, pain in the facial muscles and joints of the jaw.

cause bruxism


Handle this problem first and foremost to the dentist. On the basis of patient complaints and examination of teeth, a diagnosis is made - "bruxism". The causes and treatment of this pathology are interrelated.

You may need to conduct a polysomnographic study, with which you can fix a spasm of the chewing muscles of a sleeping person to exclude epilepsy as a cause of spasm.


With a disease such as bruxism, the causesit is difficult to establish, and therefore to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon is quite problematic, but it is still real. The main task of treating the night tooth grinding is the relaxation of the masticatory muscles.

Bruxism in children often goes on their own. Adults also need to pay special attention to treatment. It will be more successful if the problem is detected in the early stages.

bruxism in adults

The patient needs to disaccustom from the habitclench their teeth and creak at them with nervous tension, in a state of excitement to control their chewing movements. A positive effect is provided by psychotherapy, which helps to identify and understand the conflict, and teaches you how to cope with everyday difficulties. To get rid of stress, it is recommended to walk a lot before going to bed, read books, listen to relaxing music. You can take sedatives, which are sold in a pharmacy, it is possible to cook them yourself. To reduce the convulsive activity of the muscles during sleep, it is recommended to take drugs that contain calcium, magnesium and B vitamins.

The most effective methods of treatment

These methods include the use ofKappa, which is selected individually and prevents the erasure of tooth enamel. In severe cases, the use of plastic tires - special lining on the teeth, to prevent their damage. Such devices help reduce the activity of the chewing muscles.

The mandibular thrusters are successfully usedwith such a disease as bruxism. What it is? This device in the form of two overlays on the teeth, on the springs. And they use it mainly to get rid of snoring, but it does well with a problem like gnashing his teeth in a dream. With the help of such a device, the jaw and tongue are maintained in the extended state, which helps to facilitate breathing. Sometimes Botox is used to treat bruxism.

bruxism in children cause and treatment

Kappa with bruxism

Night bruxism, unlike daytime, can not be controlled. In this case, special night-time mouthguards are used for treatment. The device is worn on the teeth before going to bed, which protects them from erasure.

Kappu is made to individual sizes. During the night attack, all the pressure is on this device, which allows you to save tooth enamel, protect orthopedic structures. The use of a cap prevents the teeth from shifting, which constantly rub against each other and loosen. Of course, the orthodontic apparatus does not eliminate the cause of the disease, but protects the teeth from damage. Therefore, its use is only a part of complex therapy.

Making a mouthguard

For the manufacture of capes use specialtwo-layer materials. For the maximum comfort of the gums, the inside of the device is made soft. The solid outer part ensures the durability of this device.

The device is manufactured to individual sizes, which provides greater efficiency. Such a product will not slip and fall during sleep, providing protection from excessive pressure on the teeth.

Care for the kappa is not complicated. In the morning it should be rinsed with water from the inside. The outer part is cleaned with a toothbrush. To store the product use a special case or a glass of water. The device must be shown to the dentist from time to time. He will assess the state of the kapa and, if necessary, recommend recommending a new one.

How to help yourself

A diagnosis can become a surprise for a person"bruxism". What is it and how to relieve the symptoms, interests many. From the tension of the jaw muscles can be tried to get rid of with a warm moist compress or, conversely, ice.

Not bad, and massage of the face, neck and shoulderbelts, and also relaxing gymnastics. During the massage, focus on the pain points, when pressed on which painful sensations are given to the head or face.

 bruxism in adults cause

Learn to relax as much as possible before going to bed,avoid stress. You can try to drink soothing teas or take a warm bath before going to bed. At night, you can chew something hard or at least chewing gum - it tires and at the same time calms the muscles for a rest period. Avoid products rich in caffeine and carbohydrates, which lead to the excitation of the body. Walk more in the fresh air, go in for sports.

Bruxism in children: the cause and treatment

With emotional stress, nervousoverstrain, neurological disorders, children may experience bruxism. What is it and do I need treatment? This question bothers many parents. If the disease is caused by disorders from the nervous system - the neurologist will help.

Bruxism in children can disappear by itself with age. In case of malocclusion, the anomalous structure of the dentition may require orthodontic treatment.

causes of bruxism in children

If the causes of bruxism in children lie inoverexcitation and stress, it is necessary to properly organize the regime of the day. An active walk in the fresh air is useful for a kid. Offer the child solid food, which will help reduce hyperactivity of the chewing muscles. Before going to bed, you need to exclude noisy games, useful massage, a warm bath.

To guard parents should have strong attacks,which last a long time. After them, as a rule, the child complains of severe headache or toothache. There may be other unpleasant consequences of such a disease as bruxism in children. The cause and treatment in this case are determined by a specialist.

Than the disease is dangerous

Gnashing of teeth in a dream leads to abrasion of the enamel,loosening, tooth loss, headaches, discomfort in the neck and chewing muscles. Some people have thicker bones of the lower and upper jaw, which is noticeable visually. A person suffering from bruxism experiences psychological discomfort, which affects the quality of life.

In children and young people, the disease often goes away by itself, without causing any consequences. Treatment in such cases is not required.

Traditional methods of treatment

Bruxism in adults, whose causes are frequent stress and nervous overexertion, is successfully treated with the help of folk methods aimed at normalizing the emotional state.

In case of frequent stressful situations, it is recommendedperform a relaxing face massage. Yoga exercises help to relieve nervous tension. Useful baths with aromatic oils or soothing herbs (chamomile, valerian, mint), teas. You can make warm lotions of herbs that help relieve tension of the facial muscles. Keep such a compress you need a long time.

bruxism in children


Independently get rid of the problem prettyheavy. Self-medication can result in serious consequences. With the problem of bruxism, you need to contact a dentist who will perform a comprehensive diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment. If you follow all the recommendations, you can get rid of the problem.