Suspension "Cephalexin": instructions for use for children, reviews, dosage for children


Child's disease is the most troubling time forparents. The organism of each kid is individual, and the ailments are different. Rapid mutation of viruses, unfavorable ecological conditions, increased stress background - all these factors negatively affect immunity. As a result, the probability of complications increases exponentially. It is very difficult in this case to do without serious antibiotic therapy. A competent choice of a drug for treatment helps to cope with any disease. One of the popular antibiotics for young patients is "Cephalexin" (suspension). Parents' comments on this medication are only positive. It rarely causes side effects.

cephalexin suspension

Can I give Tsefalexin to children?

This question is of concern to many parents whose childrenbecame "hostages" of infectious diseases. Every year the number of small patients grows. Sinusitis, otitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis are all infectious diseases that most often attack children. It is in such cases that "Tsefalexin" comes to the aid of many parents.

It's not a secret that antibacterialdrugs are quite dangerous and harmful. Despite this, many parents often insist that a doctor appoint an antibiotic to the child. Why? Most likely, such drugs are the only ones of their kind that really help to fight the infection. The doctor can prescribe the medicine only, taking into account the patient's condition and the spectrum of the drug's action. Suspension "Cephalexin" has antibacterial properties. It is prescribed to children in the treatment of respiratory diseases of mild to moderate intensity.

Description of the preparation

"Cephalexin" is a drug belonging to the group of semisynthetic antibiotics. It is a derivative of 7-aminocephalosporinic acid.

The medicine goes on sale in the form of a powderyellow-orange color. In conjunction with water, a suspension with a fruity aroma is obtained. The main component of the drug is cephalexin monohydrate. As auxiliary components, the following substances can be noted: sodium benzoate, sucrose, yellow oxide, guar gum, flavors.

Powder for the preparation of the suspension is realized in vials of dark glass. In the kit with the drug is a measuring spoon with a volume of 5 ml.

cephalexin suspension for children

pharmachologic effect

"Cefalexin" for children (suspension) instructioncharacterizes as a preparation with the bactericidal principle of action. Its main advantage is the lack of stability in certain microorganisms that have immunity to antibacterial drugs of the penicillin group. The drug is effective against streptococci, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, Proteus, Salmonella and a number of other organisms. Due to this, it is actively used in the treatment of prolonged angina, bronchitis and tracheitis. The main disadvantage of the antibiotic is the inability to overcome the encephalic obstruction and penetrate the meninges. This completely excludes its use in encephalitis and meningitis of various etiologies.

Absorption of the drug is 90%. The antibiotic differs acid resistance and rapid absorption from the digestive tract. The limiting concentration of cephalexin monohydrate in the blood is observed after 1-2 hours from the time of admission. The suspension is evenly distributed over the mucous membrane of the liver, kidneys, lungs and bronchi. It is excreted from the body together with urine and bile.

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Indications for use

The main use of the drug is the fight againstinflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract. Particularly effective suspension "Tsefaleksin" shows in the treatment of scarlet fever, catarrhal angina and whooping cough. Excellent antibiotic performance is also demonstrated in the treatment of salmonellosis.

Given the pharmacological properties, the drug is also used for:

  • skin eczema of bactericidal nature;
  • diseases of the middle and inner ear;
  • pyoderma, dermatitis ulcerative type;
  • inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and bladder;
  • focal pneumonia;
  • arthritis.
    cephalexin suspension instruction for children

To obtain a positive therapeuticeffect annotation to the drug recommends a number of rules. The most important point among them is the timely detection of allergic reactions and hypersensitivity to the drug. For this, skin tests are carried out. With the slightest symptoms of allergy, you should stop using the suspension and seek medical help.

The second important condition for taking the medicine islimited period of its application. Adolescents under the age of 15 can not be given a suspension for more than 10 days. If during this period the symptoms of the underlying ailment have not passed, it is recommended to seek medical help to change the treatment regimen.


At what diseases it is better to refuse fromuse of the antibiotic "Cephalexin" (suspension)? Instructions for use for children suffering from pyelonephritis or intestinal disorders do not recommend treatment with this medication. Another contraindication is the individual sensitivity of the organism to the antibiotics of the cephalosporin and penicillin series. With extreme caution, it should be given to infants who are under 6 months of age.

Mode of application

How to use "Cefalexin" correctly(suspension)? Instructions for use for children are attached to the drug. Thanks to a detailed annotation, you can very quickly prepare a medicine. You just need to add boiled water to the bottle until the risks are specially marked. After that, the bottle can be closed and shaken thoroughly. The medicine is ready for use!

The suspension is usable for twoweeks. The prepared solution is recommended to store at room temperature. Before each use, the bottle must be shaken carefully. In order to conveniently measure the required dosage, you can use a special measuring spoon. It comes complete with the drug.

"Cephalexin" is taken orally every 6hours. This mode guarantees the best effect of the components of the drug on the pathogenic microflora. Dosage is selected individually, taking into account the stage of the disease and the age of the small patient. Parents improve their condition on the second day of therapy. For the treatment of chronic diseases in the stage of exacerbation, preventative methods of suspension at home are prescribed.

cephalexin for children suspension instruction

How to take "Cephalexin" (suspension): dosage to children

The drug is taken orally 30 minutes beforefood. Dosage is calculated individually, based on the weight of the child. For each kilogram of body weight, the doctor usually prescribes 25-50 mg of the drug. Children older than 10 years - 250-500 mg every six hours. Dosage may be increased if the ailment is accompanied by complications or severe symptoms.

The duration of therapy is 7-10 days. In the fight against chronic infections of the urinary tract this period is increased to 14 days. It is important to undergo a full course of therapy recommended by a doctor. If there is an improvement in the patient's condition before this time, the suspension can not be stopped. Otherwise, the bacteria that caused the disease may not completely die. Surviving organisms gradually acquire resistance to the antibiotic. This means that the next time for treatment will need stronger medications.

Side effects

With an independent increase in dosagedrugs and hypersensitivity to its components, there may be abnormalities on the part of the digestive tract. They are manifested in the form of diarrhea and bloating. In rare cases, small patients are diagnosed with colitis. This disorder is characterized by a deterioration in overall well-being, dizziness and nausea.

Appearance on the skin of rashes or urticariarequires immediate abolition of the antibiotic and replacing it with an analog. In case of acute allergic reaction, a suspension of "Cephalexin" can provoke angioedema. In this case, you should immediately call a team of medical workers, and before her arrival give the child a double dose of an antihistamine drug (Suprastin, Detralex).

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Cost of medicine

When choosing an antibiotic for the treatment of parentsare guided not only by the advice of a doctor, but also by the total cost of the medication. The suspension described in the article can be purchased at a price of 200-250 rubles. Other semi-synthetic antibiotics, as a rule, are several times more expensive. Against the backdrop of low cost and high efficiency, the "Cephalexin" suspension "wins" among drugs similar in pharmacological action.

Medication analogues

Select an effective antibiotic is not alwaysis obtained from the first time. The fact is that it is very difficult to correctly identify the bacterium that caused the disease. If the child's condition does not improve 2-3 days after the treatment, it is necessary to replace "Cephalexin". Suspension for children is considered the most convenient form of medicine. Therefore, doctors recommend among analogues to look for similar options.

"Amoxicillin" - the most popular analogue"Cefalexin." Both of these drugs have a similar composition. The only difference is the manufacturer. Therefore, to say which medicine is better is very difficult. They belong to the same group of cephalosporins and act almost identically.

Among other known analogs of antibiotic can be noted the following:

  • The Ospexin.
  • "Keflex".
  • "Sporidex".
  • Feleksin.
  • "Soleksin."

It should be borne in mind that only a doctor can deal with the selection of an analog remedy.

cephalexin for children suspension reviews

"Cefalexin" for children (suspension): reviews

The antibiotic described in the article formedonly positive opinions. Parents note that its use contributes to the rapid recovery of the child. The course of treatment is no more than two weeks, but after 2-3 days the first results of therapy are noticeable.

An important advantage of the drug is itsdosage form. Many children refuse to take pills or capsules. Pharmaceutical companies took this fact into account. The suspension has a pleasant aroma, and the taste is very sweet.


Child's health is an important componenthappy life. When the baby falls ill, parents direct all the forces to his speedy recovery. Today, with treatment, it is increasingly necessary to resort to antibiotics. One of the popular drugs is "Cephalexin" (suspension). The dosage of this medication and the treatment regimen are determined strictly by the doctor. If you follow all of his recommendations, you can not be afraid of side effects and complications. Be healthy!